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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Good morning, my people! Well, it's morning as I write this, who knows what time it will be when y'all read it! lol Anyway, another week is almost over and my has it flown by! But that just means the weekend will be here soon and it will bring my love along with it. Can't wait to see him! But he will be here soon enough. I just really miss him during the week. This morning started off not so nicely with my having to get up quite a bit before my alarm went off with some IBS issues. Just what y'all want to read, I know lol, but I've always said I'll be honest and uncensored here!

I also ended up giving my dog, Max, a bath this morning. He wasn't happy about it, and I wasn't either, but the fucking flea medications I give him just do not work anymore! He was covered with fleas, so he got a very thorough bath. The crazy thing is, I never see fleas anywhere around the house. Steve and I were just talking about that on the phone the other day, when he was telling me about one of his rental houses being so thick with fleas that they visibly jump onto your shoes and socks when you enter the house. But we never see them in my house, only on Max. And I don't understand why Frontline, Frontline Plus, Advantage II, etc, just don't seem to work any more. Even if I double up the amount he should have, within days of putting in on him, he'll have fleas again. The first 2 pictures below are of him having his bath, or as Ian put it, having a spa day! The next one of him is from earlier this week when he was wanting a little cuddle while I was putting away Diet Cokes into a cabinet. And that fourth picture of him is from when he was just a few years old, back in April of 2014, when he was young, sleek, and slender lol. Time degrades us all!

In one of the entries this week, I mentioned my failed business attempt called Hub City Business. I believe in another one I had mentioned my little amateur male photography business that I called Male Graven Images, and that I was really wanting to start that up again and maybe call it Southern Paladin Productions. The middle image in the second row below is the provisional logo I came up with for it, but if I do happen to start it up again, I think I'm going to redo that logo. Just not really happy with it. I think it's really too close to the Hub City Business logo. I need to make it more eye-catching, make it pop a little more! In addition to that, I had also started up a little webzine that I was so excited about at first, but that quickly became like the Hub City Business website, in that it just became too much to try to do by hand in the time I had available. So it too fell to the wayside. That next image is the logo for it, which I've always loved and am still so very proud of. The picture is one of mine that I had taken of a plant on my front porch, and I thought it was so artistic that I just had to design the logo around that. The webzine was called Enchantedly Southern, which I thought was just so creative lol. I can be a true dork sometimes haha. Then Enchantedly Southern got trashed and I decided to keep the website but make it my farming website. So then Enchantedly Southern Farm was born. And quickly perished lol.

At some point in and around all this, I also decided I wanted to start up a farm to help the homeless, one that would provide them shelter as well as allow then to work on the farm to grow their own food. I never developed a logo for that, but it was going to be called the Interfaith Farm of Hope. The next 8 images are some of the ones I had chosen for the website I was going to create, that never came to be. These images are technically mine, as they come from a collection of cds I had purchased, gosh, so many years ago - late 1990's maybe? - and contained thousands and thousands of images that had no copyrights on them. I still love the idea of creating a self-sustaining farm for the homeless, but there was so little interest when I reached out to get funding. I even started a GoFundMe for it, complete with a video of me talking about why this was needed and how I would set out to accomplish it, but, alas, I only had 2 contributors, so when the timeframe on the GoFundMe was about to expire, I just refunded those 2 contributions and moved on. My goodness I'm certainly exposing a lot of my failures in this entry!

The next 12 images below are all of me at various stages in my life. Some alone, some with friends that I no longer even know, but all are simply me. That hair lol - I really should find the one or 2 pictures that exist of me when I had very long hair that hung down to my ass. Well, when it was stretched out it did, it was too curly ever to do that on its own. The one that I know exists is a yearbook picture, so it's not clear at all of course. I'm not sure if any other ones actually exist or not. Haha, but that very last picture of those 12 is one I did on SnapChat this morning, with one of those filters. I chose not to post it on SnapChat, but figured the 2 people reading this might find it interesting!

Next is a group of images of Steve and myself, the first one of those being Steve relaxing on my loveseat in the old apartment I had before getting this house. That would have been back in 2007. Ooo, such a long time ago! Hard to believe sometimes we've been together for so long! Then there are pics of us, together and separately, at various places, including here at my house, at Natchez, at Flowerbed Nursery in Purvis, one of him at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, and then one of the two of us at Shoe Carnival in Hattiesburg. We've had some great times together. 😊

Of the last 4 images, the first 3 are of some male models that I find interesting for one reason or another. The one in the barn is of Josh Gawrysiak, and it's probably my favorite image of him. The next is a random model whose name I don't even know, but he's absolutely gorgeous! The last of those three is actually a picture I took myself out at Ship Island one of the times Steve and I went. And then the last image has nothing to do with anything lol, but is an interesting mushroom that's come up with the recent rain in my yard, right next to my waterhose.

Ok gang, that's it for now! I hope you all enjoyed this little stroll and I'll see you next time!


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