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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Greetings, gentle reader! I trust all is well with you today! I just thought I'd share a few random things with y'all today! A while back, I had started up a website called Hub City Business, and thought I'd make it an business advertizing site as a subscription service for different businesses in the Hub City (Hattiesburg). Well, it turned out to be a little too time consuming, as I'm the type of guy who likes to handwrite all the HTML codes for each page, and, well, that can get a little out of hand when you're trying to do something like that. If I ever do it again, I'll get one of those HTML generator programs that can whip out web pages like no one's business! But of course with my blog, I refuse to do that and just do it all by hand, in Notepad, then upload it all by hand into the site. Fun fun fun! Actually, that sounds sarcastic, but I do enjoy it, so it really is fun!

Ok, so the first 5 images below are some I had designed for the Hub City Business page. The first image is the logo I'd designed, which I sorta liked and sorta didn't like. I would have improved upon it had I stuck with the site. The other 2 are some background images I used. The green and white oval is purely designed by me, and I had forgotten how much I like it. I may end up using it as a background for this site. The second background is one I had gotten from Pexels, a free-use stock photography website, that I faded out to be better as a background. The picture following it is the original image with all of its vibrant green. And next is another image from Pexels that I had incorporated into the website, along with about a dozen others showing various business and occupational poses, scenes, etc. That one represented lawn services, and it's a hot guy, so of course it gets featured here lol.

So moving away from failed websites (and there have been many!), I thought I'd post some pictures from a day in August of 2022 that Steve and I went to Picayune (a Mississippi city about an hour away from Hattiesburg) to the, unfortunately now-closed, big antique mall there. The first 2 images are of a truck that was set up outside the mall that I of course adored. Next is a smoking stand very much like the one my father used to have when he smoked his pipes. I'm not quite sure why I didn't go ahead and get it. Anyway, next Steve and I enjoyed some snacks they had available at the mall, and then we went searching through the booths. As you can see, I was quite smitten with an old tractor they had on the inside as well lol. Steve discovered a bridal basked that I think he ended up buying. And that Yahoo candy bar was too cool! Not sure why I didn't get that either.

The rest of the pictures are unrelated to the antique mall. The first one is a selfie I took with an old truck down at Flowerbed Nursery in Purvis, not really sure when I took it (other than it appears to be possibly summer). Next are 2 pieces of artwork that I love, that I wish I could someday do, but probably never will. Although maybe I shouldn't say never! I never thought I'd paint a landscape, but I did do one back in the year 2000 (although I've yet to repeat that performance lol). I think I may have posted that on one of these blogs at some point, but can't remember. I'll go through them someday and, if I haven't, I'll go ahead and feature it.

Last, but not least, is the cover for a Pagan online journal that I used to publish, that began life with me in the 1980's as a print journal. For over 30 years I considered myself a Pagan, and even though I am very much a Christ Follower now (I prefer using that term over "Christian" because so many people use that word for evil rather than for good), I still go back to my Pagan roots at times. And I have seriously felt drawn to incorporating Paganism into my Christ-centered theology, a merging that is generally known as Christopaganism. There are several ideas about what Christopaganism is. One interpretation can be found at Another at Wikipedia. A third can be found at Esoteric Interfaith Church. So many interpretations, and of course I'll do what I always do, which is to follow my own path to the Divine. I learn from others, but I get my path from Him, Christ.

So anyways, that's it for today! I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to your week and that the week is kind to all! Stay safe out there!


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