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Sunday, November 12, 2023

Hey gang! As we come to the close of another weekend, I am writing another entry! This could become a habit! I certainly hope so, anyway! I hope everyone had as fantastic of a weekend as I did! Steve normally comes down on Friday night, so when I get off work, I meet him and sometimes our friends at Dairy Queen. Well, this time, it was foggy and misting Friday night and neither he nor I felt comfortable with him being on the road in all that, so we decided he'd come down Saturday morning instead. Saturday was also the day we were going to the Renaissance Faire, so once he got here, we got his costume out and started getting ready to go. We both looked pretty damn good in the costumes, and we had high hopes as we drove down to where it was being held. It took about 10 minutes to get there, but wasn't really that hard to find, thank goodness.

When we arrived, we weren't entirely sure we were in the right place. It was being held at the Hattiesburg Botanical Gardens and we didn't see...well, we didn't see any gardens, botanical or otherwise, just a big pasture with some falling-down small greenhouses, a tractor, and a metal, open-ended building. There were a few cars parked there, so we parked and looked around for a few moments before we proceeded towards the table set up in front of the building that we presumed was the ticket table. On our way there, a car pulled up beside us asking if one of us was someone who's name I've already forgotten. They were vendors who'd driven from Birmingham for this event. Anyway, they found who they were looking for and were directed where to drive, then we went on to the table and presented our tickets that I'd bought online.

We trundled on up to where the main action was, where about 6 tents were set up in a bushhogged area of the pasture. We looked around for a bit, but even though it was after 10:00 (the time the faire was to open), most people were still struggling to get set up and it did not look promising at all. Steve and I wondered what we'd gotten into, and I jokingly (ok, only half jokingly) suggested maybe we should go on down to the coast where the Celtic Fest was being held. But we had a friend joining us, so we just walked back towards where the cars were so that we could meet up with Ian and his friend, Kevin, and went back to the vendors area. I noticed a table being set up in a clearing in the woods but had no idea what that might be. So Ian, Steve, and I just kind of wandered around the pasture for a bit, then went back to the main area and began checking things out. I ended up making 3 purchases: a polished banded agate stone, a bag of sweet heat cashews from the people that came in from Birmingham, and a necklace with a neat little crescent moon and rose on it. Steve purchased a necklace for his mom with a beautiful white and black polished stone in it called a dendrite opal. It's a beauty as well!

Below are pictures of us and the festival, plus some bonus male model pics. The first 3 images are of Steve and myself after we got into our costumes, then one of Steve at the faire, then one of Ian as we're out walking about. The next 3 are just images of the pasture and some of the wildflowers growing there lol. After that are several pictures from the official Facebook page of the Hattiesburg Botanical Gardens, depicting people and scenes from the event. After those are pics of my treasures, the necklace I mentioned, the agate, and the cashews. Then is a picture of the pendant that Steve bought.

The last 15 images are of a beautiful male model I've followed for several years, Caylan Hughes. He's a gorgeous ginger with a wonderful southern accent, calling Tennessee his home. His work is fantastic and he can produce fantasies like few others! Enjoy his images here, and then feel free to follow him on Instagram (currently being updated) and Facebook (last updated 2019). Caylan is sex on wheels, mrow! Haha!

Ok gang, hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine, and until next time, be safe and be well!


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