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Friday, November 10, 2023

We have made it to Friday! Or as the kids call it, "Friyay"! I feel like I've been doing really good this month so far in getting entries out! In 10 days I've now done 6 entries! Which is a shit-ton more than I've done in the last 20 months! So now that I'm done congratulating myself lol, I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the weekend! I work today from 1-9, but tomorrow will be my day off and I'm so looking forward to the Renaissance Faire! As I posted on Wednesday, the link to it is here! Hope everyone in the area makes it out! It's the first one Hattiesburg (or at least the Botanical Gardens) has ever done, so I hope it's a success and they'll continue doing it for years to come!

Today didn't start out so well. Last night, my dog, Max, wasn't feeling well at all and refused to eat. He also wanted to sleep with me (for those that remember, due to my cpap, I sleep on the sofa in the living room), which he normally doesn't try to do. The last few weeks that he did sleep with me, he'd start out up there, but 2-5 minutes later, he'd jump down, so after a while I just stopped letting him get up there and he just stayed in his little bed on floor next to me. Last night, however, he insisted and surprisingly he stayed for a long time. I don't know how long because I fell asleep before he jumped down, so he was up there for at least 20 minutes. Definitely an improvement on his sofa time! But, when we got up this morning, he still wasn't feeling well and didn't want to eat, but he eventually did and I think he started feeling better after he ate and after a bowel movement outside. Max has IBD (I have IBS - we make a fantastic pair lol) as well as several masses in his liver. Well over 2.5 years ago his vet told me Max would have, at best, a year left, but we've surpassed that 2 and a half times over, and still going! I thought his feeling poorly last night and this morning might be a sign that the end is near, but he acts as though he feels a bit better now, thank God.

The rest of the morning didn't end up too fantastic either. I went to Sam's Club for the pickup order for Steve's restaurant, and I got gas while there because I hadn't gotten any in the last 2 weeks and the needle was pretty close to E. So not an hour afterwards, I got a fraud alert on my phone that someone had charged nearly $150 to my debit card (I used that one to get the gas although I always bypass the PIN - which evidently doesn't matter after all), so then I spent the next 45 minutes having to deal with all of that. At first I thought maybe my Amazon account had been hacked because it was an Amazon charge, so I changed my password there. Turns out it was just my debit card hacked, the Amazon account was fine, but I'm fine with having changed the password. Better safe than sorry!

Ok, gotta start getting ready for work shortly here, so I'm gonna end this with talking about the images below. The first one is of my sweet little Max just after he had eaten his breakfast. He's such a little sweetheart. ❤

The rest of the images are all from my time as an amateur photographer of male beauty. The name I'd come up with for my photography was Male Graven Images, which I thought was so clever at the time. I'd taken the last name of one of my models and used it in the name as a pun for "engraven". I've thought about starting up my photography again and even have a new name, "Southern Paladin Productions", but I've not gotten quite that far along yet. Anyway, the first 12 images (after Max) are of my bestfriend, Curt, who was among my first models. Those are from several different photo sessions, and you can probably detect some weight loss in him from the first images up through the last ones. He had a lot going on in his life in those last 3 images and had stopped eating like he should. Nowadays he's very bulked up and I should start shooting him again! After Curt is a single image of another friend, Cedric. He was among the first models as well.

The next 11 are of Jay (well, one of those is Curt and Jay together). I think we did a great shoot together and really wish we had done more than that one. He got a bit adventurous with that shoot and I had a lot of fun shooting him. I think we would eventually have collaborated to make many fantastic images. These were shot 19 years ago, hard to believe it's been that long!

And last, and certainly least, comes Greg, who was my boyfriend before he modelled for me. Greg and I met through a mutual friend, and we had chemistry right from the start. He claimed to be straight, but had experimented with guys before. After an intriguing small party at my apartment, he decided he wanted to move in with me, and I agreed. Of course, I had no idea what I was getting into! The day before he moved in with me, he quit his job, so suddenly I was supporting not only myself but him as well. And even though the sex was fabulous, on the rare occasions that we had sex anyway, it definitely wasn't worth all the aggrivation I put up with for the five months we were together. He was a master manipulator and knew exactly how to manipulate me, until I finally wised up and kicked him out the night before Valentine's Day, 2004. He'd started up a relationship with this married woman who lived in D.C., and she was coming to meet him in person. I'd gotten wind of things he was saying about me to her, and decided if he wanted her, and she wanted him, more power to both of them. And not long after I kicked him out, she divorced her husband and she and Greg moved to San Diego, where they broke up about 2 months after getting there. He had been lying to her about him and I, telling her we were just roommates and that any relationship was only in my imagination, but after they broke up, she contacted me and told me he'd finally admitted that he'd lied. Small comfort, but I was just glad he was out of my life. But he was definitely a beauty, and I think the images we did together are just fantastic. But I'll let you, gentle reader, make that decision.

Ok, really gotta jump in the shower now lol, have a great Friday and I'll be posting, probably Sunday, pictures from the Renaissance Faire! Until next time my loves!


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