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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Hello my peeps! Hope all is well with everyone today! It's hump day, middle of the week, halfway to the weekend! And I'm very much looking forward to this weekend! Not only will I see Steve for the first time in 2 weeks, but also the Hattiesburg Botanical Gardens are hosting their first Renaissance Faire Saturday and Sunday! Now I've never been to a Renaissance Faire, but I'm looking forward to going and also looking forward to dressing up for the event! Back in the day I used to go to Celtic Fest a couple of times and always loved it! I was fully Pagan back then and always wore my "Born Again Pagan" tshirt when I'd go. But I'm dressing up in full Renaissance regalia for this event! And although he's fighting it, Steve is going to dress up also, whether he likes it or not! LOL

Not a whole lot to write about today. I made pasta with ground beef this morning for my next couple days of meals. I used penne pasta, and seasoned the ground beef with minced onion and Montreal Steak Seasoning while it browned, then mixed into the cooked ground beef a jar of red spaghetti sauce, a jar of white alfredo sauce, taco seasoning, seasoned salt, and a rosemary/garlic mix that I'm really liking (it came from Sam's). I simmered it over heat for about 5 minutes to let the beef soak up some of the sauce. It turned out really good! This is my third time making it this way, although it was the first time I've used the rosemary/garlic seasoning.

In the images below, the first one is of me with my "I Voted" sticker on after voting yesterday. I voted Blue, of course, but Tater Tot Reeves, the incumbant and crooked governor, won the election. That was very disappointing that so many people want a thief in office. But then look at the Trump supporters that are still out there, even though the man is a complete fraud, scam artist, thief, and just down-right no-good person. Not that I have an opinion on him or anything! 😉

The next image is of the pasta dish I mentioned above. It turned out so good! I love how the red and white sauce combines to make an orange sauce that looks so much like a vodka sauce! The two images after that are of the Renaissance costumes that Steve and I will wear. These are screen shots from Amazon and I just fell in love with them. He'll wear the white/black outfit and I'll wear the black/brown outfit. The 2 images after those are of my actually in my costume. I had to try it on and get it sorted out for this weekend, after all! I think we're going to have a fantastic time!

The remaining 6 images are from my time as an amateur male photographer. These are just some of the more recent ones ("recent" being about 10 years ago) and are of my friends, Curt and Connor.

Anyway, that's it for now! Everyone be safe, have a great day, and if you're in the south Mississippi area, you should consider going to the faire! The Facebook link for it is Renaissance Faire. Hope you see you there!


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