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Sunday, November 5, 2023

Wow, 2 days in a row! How did y'all get so lucky? Haha! This is the Day After The Time Change, a day that no one likes! I certainly enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night though! Especially considering I went in to work this morning at 8am to get some inventory done. Took nearly 3 hours for the little bit I was doing, but it was so worthwhile! I had just gotten home when the boss texted to ask if I was coming in to help move a large piece of furniture. I had already told him I would only be available early morning, but I then told him I'd come back if he needed me to. He said nah, they had it, so I then set about the rest of my day.

And today I made an episode of my podcast! I figured the podcast was done with, and that if I did it again it would be one devoted to my spiritual journey through Christopaganism, but it was actually the 7th episode of Two Goats and a Donkey. In it, I discuss an ongoing scam involved Iraqi Dinari and Zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar notes, and a friend who's all tied up in that crap. Go give it a listen!

For a couple of months now, I've been working on a philosophy, or maybe just a species description, of humans. We are shifters. Not shape shifters, but shifters of things. Movers if you will. We are constantly shifting things around. For instance, we go grocery shopping. We shift items at the grocery store from the shelves, or the freezers/coolers, or a stack sitting on the floor, and put it into our shopping carts. We then take it to the checkout counter, shift those items from the cart onto the conveyor belt, the cashier then shifts those items from the conveyor belt to the staging area into a bag after scanning it. Then those bags full of items get shifted from the staging area back into our carts. We then wheel the carts out to our vehicles, where we shift the items once more from the carts into our vehicles. Then we shift the cart to a corral area (if we're good human beings) or we shift the cart into another parking space (if we're bad human beings). We then get into the vehicle and drive away, shifting the items and ourselves from the parking lot and eventually to our homes, where we then shift the items once more from the vehicle into our houses. Most people would place (shift) the bags of items onto a countertop until all items are present, and then shift them from the bag/countertop to cabinets, or refrigerators, or freezers, or somewhere else. Later on, those items once more are shifted into a cooking pan, or a plate and microwave, or on a baking pan or sheet and into the oven, or scooped into a bowl, or any number of things. And then, if it requires cooking, the item is then shifted from the method of cooking and onto a plate, where it is then shifted to where the person will be eating it, and then it is shifted again from the plate to our mouths, where it then is shifted at varying speeds through our digestive systems and then shifted out of our bodies into a toilet, where it is then shifted down a drain and into a sewer or septic tank, and then is broken down and shifted again into smaller particles. And that's just food. Think long and hard about the sheer number of items we shift around from day to day, hour to hour, even minute to minute. Shifters. That's what we are, a species of shifters.

Now that you've read that and will never get back the length of time it took to read it, lol, you have now, gentle reader, had a deep, dark glimpse into how my mind works, far deeper and darker than you normally get through reading my blog. And let's face it, what you already get is terrifying! 😆

I had to make a Sam's run this afternoon. I figured on a Sunday afternoon, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Ha! Don't know what I was thinking, but it was crowded and a madhouse! At least I didn't have to go to the Walmart next door - that's always worse! I got Steve 50 pounds of bacon to store in my freezer for him (for the restaurant he owns) to get next weekend. I could have waited, but the price of bacon seems to fluctuate quite a bit. It's gone anywhere from $30/10 pounds up to $65/10 pounds. Today it was $34/10 pounds, so I went ahead and grabbed him 5 packages. I should have grabbed some gas while I was over there, but I still have half a tank since he didn't come down this weekend (due to my working yesterday and this morning). Although I do loathe having anything under 3/4 of a tank, but I figured I can just deal with it. Or if I can't stand it any more, just run on out to the highway and get some later on.

Ok, let's close this entry, if you're still here at the end lol, with some images of another favorite model of mine, Alex Crockford. Alex is British, is beautiful, and also has a downloadable fitness app if anyone is interested in it. Check him out on Instagram and Facebook! Alex is one of those rare individuals that's beautiful inside and out!

So anyway, have a great Sunday evening and Monday!


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