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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Why hello again! My my my, it's only been 3 days since I last posted an entry on this blog, and look at me writing another one already! Who knows, maybe this will be a turnaround and I'll post more often! I'd certainly like to of course. So today is Saturday, a day I'd normally be spending with Steve, but I'm scheduled to work today so he didn't come down. It's fine, it's going to be a good day anyway!

Things haven't changed all that much at work yet. I've pretty much been doing managerial work for the last year anyway, so there's not much difference. We're planning to expand, so there's been a lot of that type of work going on this week. And I plan to work some tomorrow morning taking a bit of inventory and helping to prepare some more for the changes. So all in all, it's probably best that Steve didn't come down this weekend, because I wouldn't be able to go do what I need to do tomorrow morning if he was here.

I've been slowly tearing down the yard around Mathilda's pen (for those that don't remember, Mathilda is the rescue hen that I had for over 2 years, the one that was killed recently by a raccoon) as well as the other chicken pens. Since I've gotten rid of the other chickens, I no longer have a need for the enclosures. Only taking down the yard fencing for the moment, the actual pens will be later on. I'm more than likely going to try and sell the 8' x 8' metal pen that I bought at Tractor Supply 3.5 years ago. I may or may not try to sell the 8' x 8' wooden pen that I built myself. The 8' x 16' pen that I built out of pvc pipe and chicken wire may end up being converted into a greenhouse. Not sure yet, since as I stated in my last entry I've lost all interest in plants at this time. Time will tell what I end up doing. Of course, that sentence can be applied to all aspects of my life right now.

Below are some images I either took or got off the web. That first picture is from a 1953 calendar. I have tried to find out what calendar and see if any other images are available online. It's very unusual in that it depicts a naked male witch on a broomstick, virtually unheard of back in 1953. Or at least I assume it was, since I wasn't around back then lol. The next image is of a pint size Veuve Clicquot champagne that the boss gave me last night due to the damaged label. I've never had Veuve, since it's just a little outside of my price range, so I'm looking forward to trying it. The next image is the Peace Lily that Steve gave me for either Valentine's Day or my birthday (I forget now which). Since he forgot my birthday this year, and then I found out later that I should have been fine with his forgetting it, I'm thinking it's probably from Valentine's.

The next three images are of my babies, Max, Maggie, and the parakeets (Whiskey and Rye). I do love my babies, although I'm more than likely going to find a new home for the parakeets. Trying to simplify my life and all. But of course my furbabies themselves aren't going anywhere. Max is getting up there in age (I've had him for almost 13 years (this coming February), and he was at least a year old, possibly 2, when I got him). I don't know how much longer we'll have together. His hearing is mostly gone and he has cataracts that restrict his vision badly. According to the vet, he was actually supposed to only have about a year left 2-3 years ago due to masses in his liver, but he's proven that vet very wrong, thank God. Steve keeps telling me I need to be preparing myself for the inevitable, but no amount of preparing is going to cushion that blow when it comes.

The next 3 pictures are a very small part of my antiques collection. The purple and white porcelain pieces are a chamber pot set predating the Civil War. They're banged up and cracked, but I love them and they are so historical! Steve had actually bought them from an antique shop in Denham Springs, Louisiana, quite a few years ago and he gave them to me after our near breakup 3 months ago. Ha, he's probably going to read these last 2 entries and e very annoyed with me! The next image is of some porcelain I've collected over the years. Some are Czechoslavakian, some Prussian, some Austrian, but all are around 100 years old. Last of those 3 is just some EAPG sitting in a porcelain dresser tray.

The remaining pictures are of one of my favorite models, Brock Grady, whom I've been following for many years. He's just so adorable! He's from Michigan but has recently moved to Florida, so he has every reason not to wear a shirt now lol. Frankly I think it'd be a shame for him to wear clothes. He occasionally posts fitness tips on his Instagram and Facebook, but let's face it, I don't follow him for those tips. I follow him for the 12 reasons you can plainly see! To follow him, he's on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!

Ok, peeps, that's all for today. Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see ya when I see ya!


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