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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Well well well, I managed to wait only a week before this next entry! It's been quite a week too! So many things that I can't speak of here have happened, but changes are a'comin'! I'm also very much looking forward to this weekend, even though I have to work Saturday, because I haven't seen Steve and Ian for almost 2 weeks now. Definitely need my time with them! I need to recharge and refresh after these last 10 days or so. And they are my battery! Also, you'll notice the header at the top of the page is for "Honor Our LGBT Elders Day", so I better get some recognition! lol

This week, a box came for me that I was truly excited about! I'd ordered an unopened Hot Wheels 72-count case, and when it arrived, I had a blast going through what was in it. I found a Treasure Hunt, although sadly no Super Treasure Hunt. I also found several other cars that I'm happy to own. I'll probably sell some of the other cars, but I'm overall very happy with the selection of what came in that box!

Maggie May has been feeling ill again, and I was going to take her to the vet yesterday, but I decided to hold off for now. A little Vick's Vapor Rub under her chin seems to help with the congestion, and I'm still giving her occasional doses of the prednisone. She's no where near where she was, healthwise, when I took her to the vet last month, so I think she's still far better off right now. And she'll be ok, maybe I can just get the vet to send a prescription for the antibiotics to a pharmacy here for her to take.

Earlier this week, I made a French bread pizza. I took a loaf of French bread, cut it in half lengthwise, and put pizza sauce on each cut side. Then I put shredded cheese - I personally prefer the four-cheese Mexican mix for my pizzas. Then on top of the cheese, I put pepperoni and some bacon I'd cooked, and then cut into pieces, and sprinkled more shredded cheese over that. I'd pre-heated the oven at 425°, then baked it for about 15 minutes. Definitely keep an eye on it! Turned out super good!

Ok, the images below. The first image is of the French bread pizza, yummy! The next one is a Stranger Things Surfer Boy pizza that I saw in Walmart - I really should have bought it! But I just wanted a picture of it at the time lol. Next is a picture of Steve, Ian, and myself in a neat frame I bought, but the picture slipped - I've since fixed it. Then come flowers, mine and those at a nursery. Only 2 of them are from the nursery - the two pinkish-orange daylilies. All the rest are mine. Except for that last plant picture - that's a hosta that never existed lol. Someone on Facebook was talking about how beautiful it was, and comments were like, "I've never seen a hosta that beautiful!" Well of course you haven't - it's either AI or it's just been photoshopped and transformed. There is no hosta that looks like that!

Next is my Red Line Club Hot Wheels car from Mattel. It's a super snazzy metallic green Volkswagen bug. Very proud of it! Then comes a 2021 Barbie Hot Wheels camper, followed by the box of Hot Wheels I purchased, along with the single Treasure Hunt that came from it. Then 3 pics of me after my eye dilation yesterday, and finally a picture of a very happy Maggie lying on my lap. She so silly!

As before, I separated the male model pictures onto a second page, click here to see the eye candy. I'm skipping the AI images today. Don't cry for me, Argentina! Anyway, have a great weekend, as I doubt I'll have time to post again before my vacation next week! Love you all!


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