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Thursday, May 9, 2024

Hello and welcome to another Two Goats and a Donkey blog entry! I went so long without an entry, and now you're getting 2 in the same week! Typical, I know! Hopefully everyone is doing fantastic on this Thursday! I'm just chillin' for a couple of hours before getting ready for work. And my gosh, the heat today! Here it is, still early May, and it's going to be a scorching 95°F today! It's already 80°F as I write this at 8:36am! What the actual hell? And I mean that literally! Also, today is National Moscato Day (I mean, hell, every single day of the year now has multiple "National Days" associated with it), so be sure to drink a glass to celebrate!

Ok, so yesterday I had an eye appointment to get new glasses. I had chosen not to get by eye dilated because I had so many errands and such to run afterwards, but the eye doctor requested that I come back next week to get them dilated because my pupils are too small for her to see into them. Queue Blanche Devereaux, "Well of course they are, I've always been very petite!" Sure Blanche, you, me, and John Candy! So I have to go back next Wednesday for that. I think I'm going to like the frames I ended up picking out. They're flexible titanium and are rather attractive, I think.

While out and about yesterday, I stopped by Walmart on Hwy 49 and saw they had some Hot Wheels and Matchbox on their clearance aisle. I ended up getting three, two types that I've never gotten before simply because they were pricier than I normally like to pay, but these were half price, and I do have a birthday coming up, so they are my early birthday present to myself! Very nice ones too, very happy to have them added to my collection.

Ok, let's go over the images below! The very first picture is an old one of me being all kinds of fierce with a sword I used to own. That was in the apartment where I lived before the house. The next 10 are pics of me trying to decide on a pair of frames. I tried on 5 different ones, and got selfies from each side to see how they'd look. I really liked all of them, but I finally settled on the last pair you see. I think I'll be happy with them! The next 3 pictures are of the Hot Wheels and Matchbox I got on clearance. The Hot Wheels one is a car/truck combo that normally goes for $16, but I got it for $8. And then the 2 Matchbox are "Working Rigs" that I've looked at, but never purchased before. The normal price really isn't that bad, like $6, but I got these for $4 each (I know, not quite half price). They have moving parts, too, which I guess is the "working" part of "Working Rigs", so if I take them out of the package, I can try them out. Chances are they'll stay in the package, though!

My Asiatic lillies are blooming, and that's the next set of 5 images. These are located on either side of my brick walkway in front of my porch, and of course since I'm not into plants any more, my first instinct was to mow them down when they started coming up. Really glad now that I didn't! They are so pretty. 😊 Next is the frame I bought for one of the pictures of the three of us (Steve, Ian, and myself) that I thought looked really nice, especially on the orange bedroom wall so that it contrasts with all the blue in the picture. And then lastly are two pictures of me this morning, one without and one with my current glasses. Really looking forward to when my new ones come in, which will take about 2-3 weeks.

As before, I separated the male model pictures onto a second page, click here to see the eye candy. Also I have continued this post to include some AI generated images, so if you want to see what I've created, you can click here to see the first page. Since I download at 4k, the images are huge, and to help with data connections for everyone, I divided 60 images into 5 pages of 12 images each. I have created over 500 images to date, and I'll continue to put 60 per post for anyone interestd. Enjoy!

Ok my lovelies, it's that time! Have a great day and I love you all!


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