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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Hello and Happy May! I'd meant to post this on May 1, May Day, hence the May Pole dance image above, but well, best laid plans and all! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far! So May is my birthday month, and I made sure I was saying nothing to Steve about it to see if he was going to remember this year or not. Lo and behold, he brought it up this weekend, asking me what I wanted for my birthday. Of course my standard answer this year is, "Oh Steve, you've done so much for me, I don't need anything for my birthday." I will be working the Saturday before my birthday, but I'm trying to make sure I work 10-6 rather than 12-8 so that we can go do a birthday dinner after I get off work.

This past weekend was the semi-annual Barn Sale out in Oak Grove/Purvis. We went and all three of us ended up bringing something home. My haul was, of course, Hot Wheels, while Ian found a few dolls, and Steve bought a couple of windchimes. I've yet to see a picture of where he has hung them lol. Knowing Steve they're still in the bags at the moment, haha! It was hot and sunny, and we had a good time going. That evening, we decided to go to the auction. They didn't have a whole lot of nice things there, but I always enjoy going. Unfortunately, Ian was bored out of his mind there, so next time, I'll probably have to go alone lol. I can't get over that someone paid $14 each for Eisenhower dollars. I have 126 of them on eBay, and no one is interested in them, and I'm asking less than $1.25 each! Go figure! Steve says I should see if the Robertsons would auction them off for me on consignment, but that seems like a lot of trouble lol.

Ok, on to the pics! The first 51 images are of the three of us, Ian's dolls, and my Maggie. Just hangin' out lol. The next 12 are plants, either ones I own or ones I saw out and about that I wanted to photograph, except for the very first one, which is a view of one of Steve's gardens. The following 3 are dead plants that Lowe's is trying to sell. Geez, Lowes, do better! After that are 5 images of the house on the corner of my street where the owner cleaned up the yard but left a 3 foot tall mound of dirt, leaves, and mulch in the roadway itself. Thank goodness the county came to clean it up the next morning! I could only imagine someone coming around that curve in the dark and running into that pile!

Next are images from the Web for the TV miniseries, "V", from 1983. One of my top ten alltime favorite shows! It was the most advanced television technology at the time, but watching it now gives a great window view into how the 80's were! The next picture celebrates Naked Gardening Day, which was also this passed Saturday, but none of us actually celebrated it! Then comes an artistic-esque image I took as we were walking into McAlister's Deli to have lunch with Blaise and Shane, and then is an out-of-order picture of a hot guy from the weekend before when we had breakfast at Ward's. His zipper was open, he's lucky I didn't get a shot from that angle!

The next 2 images are from the Barn Sale, and are just a couple of things I thought were neat, including a sign that has strong sexual implications to those of us with a dirty mind! Then is a picture of my "dream car", a Jeep Renegade, as well as the fleet of Matchbox Jeep Renegades I have. Next is a picture of a Volkswagen Hot Wheels I have that I posted on a comment in a Hot Wheels Facebook group, and then an image of a Breyer colt I got for Ian. And last, but certainly not least, is a picture my boss took of us at work before an event. Gee, don't I look so happy!

As before, I separated the male model pictures onto a second page, click here to see the eye candy. Also I have continued this post to include some AI generated images, so if you want to see what I've created, you can click here to see the first page. Since I download at 4k, the images are huge, and to help with data connections for everyone, I divided 60 images into 5 pages of 12 images each. I have created over 500 images to date, and I'll continue to put 60 per post for anyone interestd. Enjoy!

Well, I do hope that May will treat everyone kindly and well, and that you all have a fantastic day/week/month! Until next time, peace out!


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