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March 31, 2024

Happy Easter, everyone! Although it's at the tail end of the holiday, seeing how it's almost my bedtime lol! Sheesh, I've been working on today's blog entry for quite a few hours, it seems! Part of what's taking so long is that I decided to complicate my life by dividing up today's entry, and probably all entries for the foreseeable future. I know some of you don't give a shit about the guys I like to see, so I decided to separate the guys page from the regular page! That means on this portion of the page, you only see my life, my likes, my family, my work, my photographs, shit like that, and on the other page, those that care about seeing half-naked men can go lust over those photos to their heart's content!

So, this week and weekend has been on the fasttrack - seems like both have just flown by! At work, we've had to do the work of the city by turning off water mains that were broken, we've had taste testings, we've been super busy for some reason - I'm guessing part of it was Easter weekend coming up, but it seems like there's something else going on too. Not to jump ahead of myself, but driving this weekend has been a bit of a nightmare - traffic clogging all lanes on Hardy St/Hwy 98 W. I gues it was just out-of-towners coming into town to stock up for Easter, but it was almost as bad as at Christmas! And that's bad!

Thursday, and we're still not sure what happened, we saw water gushing out of the ground at the eastern end of the parking lot and sending volumes of water through the parking lot itself. My boss called the city water, but was on hold for 30 minutes before someone finally picked up. In the meantime, two of our employees managed to turn off the water, which fortunately didn't disrupt any of our water lines. Still not sure what the purpose of that particular line is for, although it has a faucet attached to it. Maybe for landscaping purposes? Who knows? At any rate, the city didn't show up to check on it until late Thursday night, and then they claimed a) there was no problem, and b) that it probably wasn't their water meter anyway, but that of a water utility in West Hattiesburg. Uhm, how do you not know if a water meter belongs to you as a water utility? The things that happen.... On Friday, we did a taste test at work on Yellowstone Bourbon, three different varieties of it. It seemed pretty popular, and we sold quite a few bottles because of the tasting! Tastings are always an event at our place, and the turnout can be quite good - or quite bad, depending on when it is, what's being tasted, and how much publicity it gets. It usually brings in more of a crowd when it's a whiskey that's being tasted as opposed to a wine tasting, although depending on the wine, it can bring a crowd as well.

Friday night saw Steve and Ian come down, and whereas it's normally me that's tired, cranky, and sleepy Friday night, this time it was Steve and Ian who were tired. I'd taken a rare evening shower, and that always hypes me up, so I was a bundle of energy while they were dragging. We went to Dairy Queen as usual, then came home, stayed up for a little bit until I too started feeling really tired, then we went to bed. On Saturday, we started out with breakfast at Hardee's, then went out to Petal to a nursery we were unfamiliar with, called Adam's Nursery and Plant Center, which has apparently been around for a while, but it's not one we have been familiar with. I saw a beautiful clematis there that I wanted to get, but I didn't want to spend $15 on a plant that I may end up becoming disillusioned with (as I currently am with most plants). Afterwards, we went to the Petal Walmart so Ian could check out dolls and I could check out Hot Wheels. I did find a few that I wanted, Steve found a couple of solar lights that he wants to try and put in some small statues he'd gotten in Mobile at Antiques at the Loop, and Ian didn't find anything there that he wanted. (That I remember, anyway - Ian, please correct me if I'm wrong!) Then we went to have lunch at Jack's, and we weren't quite as impressed with the food this time around. I mean, it was good, but definitely nothing to write home about. Maybe next time we try it'll be better. Also, the staff didn't seem as happy and outgoing as the staff that was there the day we went before. The girl at the register didn't crack a single smile or seem at all concerned if we were going to order or not. Ah well, not everyone can make the most out of a day!

After eating, we went to the Dapper Wolf and then to Pine Belt Antiques, both of which are off Gandy on the west side of I-59. Saw a few things I wanted, including some Hot Wheels, but I wouldn't let myself get them. One thing I saw was an EAPG bottom of a covered bowl in the Picket Fence patter. It was $8, and I should have gotten it, but no lid, and I don't really need to spend frivolously right now. But still, $8 lol! I'm sure it'll still be there whenever I next make it back! There were coins that too that I wanted to look at, but I'm actually planning on selling off my coin collection, so I don't need to be looking at them anyway. Steve is supposed to be deciding if he wants to buy my Peace Dollar collection; if he doesn't, I may see if my coworker, Ken, is interested, and if not, I'll try selling it down at the flea market.

After the antique stores, we went to the Hattiesburg Walmart on Hwy 98 W so Ian could get the pickup he'd bought, then we went to Home Depot so Steve could get some landscaping bands for his gardens. Then we went to The Pet Palace to look at the salt water aquariums and the small pets, then to Target where I found a couple more Hot Wheels and Ian found a couple dolls, but I also totally forgot I had my sleeping pills to pick up - so I didn't get them. And I couldn't get them today, since Target was closed for Easter. I've already taken then one for tonight, but I only have one left, so I'd better get over there tomorrow to get them! Unless I decide to wait until Tuesday and hit Target and the bank in one fell swoop!

After Target, we went home for a bit, then we were off again to have dinner with Blaise, Shane, and Jimmy. I'd invited Cathy too, but it was too late notice for her, as she already had plans. We ate at Walk-Ons, and oh my goodness, the poor waitress that served us had such a bad time of things! She got Blaise and Ian's salad orders mixed up, tried to correct it and got them worse, then she set a dish down in front of me that wasn't mine; when I told her, she turned to get it and spilled Steve's food all over Ian, his chair, and the floor! I felt so bad for distracting her and I should have waited, but it didn't occur to me that this was her first night solo (it was) nor that simply tellling her the food wasn't mine would cause such an uproar! The manager (I think) came out to clean up the mess, the waitress brought my food, and Steve had to wait a few minutes for his, but it finally came out. Steve had me to pay with his card afterwards, and I made sure to give her a good tip, as she was totally mortified that she had spilled the plate.

After Walk-Ons, we decided we wanted ice cream, so we walked over to the Hub City Creamery next door. I got my usual blueberry cheesecake, and I'm not sure why, but all the ice cream was very soft, like their freezers were going out. But I didn't complain, I much prefer soft, melty ice cream over any other! Blaise didn't eat any, but the rest of us did and we had a splendid time! We wanted to take a selfie of all of us, but Blaise didn't want to be in the picture, so he took the picture himself, with Ian's camera. When we finished, we decided to hit up Michael's, but we didn't really find anything we couldn't live without. And then we went home, where all of us were very tired and ready to crash.

Steve had to leave super early today, so I set the alarm for a half hour early, didn't spend much time in the bathroom (I can rarely poop when the guys are here anyway), then we snuggled in bed for a short while before getting up and going to McDonald's for breakfast. Once we got back home, it was time for Ian and Steve to leave. I took my Dulcolax, but then headed over to Dollar General to check out their Hot Wheels. And damned if last Sunday through yesterday they had a "Buy 1, Get One Free" on the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars! I asked the cashier about it, she didn't even know there was a sale, and she had to figure out what today's date was before telling me that it was over. Man, I wish they'd announce those sort of things somehow! I could have racked up!

Ok, that's the weekend in a nutshell! I'm tired, so I'm probably rambling quite a bit and that "nutshell" is probably as big as a house lol. So let's jump into the pictures below!

So the first image below is a cute little Golden Girls/Easter meme from the episode where Dorothy's friend, Trudy, "dies" and then comes back from the dead! Next is a "Stranger Things" filter that I used on myself to see what I'd look like with long hair again lol. The third ties back into the Gold Girls; I took this cartoon, erased what had been in the bubble, and added my own words there. I thought it was clever if I do say so myself! The fourth picture is of a product that may or may not exist. I haven't looked into it yet, but I don't trust any company advertising on Facebook unless they're a reputable, well-known name. In any case, I thought the Lucifer Wytchwood syrup looked interesting, and I may do some investigating to see if it's a real product or not. That sorry looking chap in the next image is me, from 13.5 years ago, the day I dug up a water line that feeds my outside faucet because it was leaking. Took me 9 hours to get the fucker fixed! Oy vey! After that is when my van hit 130,000 miles! I was surprised to catch it at that exact amount! Had to take a pic of course, or else it didn't happen!

The next 4 images are from work, where you can see the guys trying to get the water main turned off, then a couple of taste testers, and finally a group photo of some of us employees with the broker that did the Yellowstone pouring. And the of course come some Hot Wheels! That first car is one that I tried to figure out if it was a Red Line or not, but it's not old enough. Then, the black old-timey convertible with the flames on the side, was a gift from Ian, from his childhood. He gave me another one too, but I didn't photograph it. After that is a Packard Hot Wheels from 1980, and then 2 that I picked up this weekend, either at the Petal Walmart or at Target. And then there's this golden dragon beauty that will be coming out of Mattel specifically for Hot Wheels members. But it's also $35, and that certainly won't be happening any time soon!

Then there's a picture of me, then 2 of my clematis, one of Ian and myself at Dairy Queen, then three of Steve and me. That maroon flower is the clematic that I really wanted at Adam's, then there are a few more plants from the nursery. And then a hot guy that just happened to be walking around the nursery lol! I know, I know, terrible of me, but sometimes I just can't help myself! And then there's this other hot guy posing with the fertilizer! Man, he's a hot potato! That's our Ian, looking all sexy!

The next 3 images are from the antique stores, and then 5 from the pet shop. Then there's Wednesday, the doll Ian got at Target, standing on the table at Walk-Ons, and the "selfie" of us at Hub City Creamery. Next are 2 versions of an image I took of the sunset last night; the first one is the original, the second is an edited version of it. I like both, can't decide which one is better! And what the heck kind of post would this be without a few pictures of Maggie May? Then there's a selfie of Steve, Ian, and myself in the kitchen this morning, an image I took of a squirrel on a power line with the sun obscurred by the clouds behind it, and then, the rooster that has taken to staying around my neighbor's and my yards. He's a pretty thing and not at all aggressive.

Ok, this boy is tired, so I'm going to wrap this up. Oh, and here's the link again to the second page of this entry, where all the male hunks will be! There's 156 male pictures on that page awaiting you! Have a fantastic rest of the night and week ahead, and until next time, be good! Love y'all!


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