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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Not a whole lot to say about today. I awoke with IBS issues which had me down and out all day long. I skipped breakfast and lunch due to nausea, eating a couple of crackers just to keep me going. Then I had to eat dinner, because I was starting to get shaky and could feel my blood sugar plummeting, and that has sparked another round of feeling like crap. And because I do feel like crap, tonight's entry will be short and sweet.

Max snuggled with me a good bit today, when I wasn't in the bathroom. The first picture below is a closeup of him while he was snuggling with me. The second picture is him being silly trying to get my attention at a point when he wasn't snuggling. The third picture is of me looking and feeling like shit. I couldn't leave Maggie out, so the next is of her; I was trying to get a picture of her lying on the bed, but of course as soon as she saw she had my attention, she immediately started to get up to come rub up against me lol.

One good thing did happen today, my shipment of 5 green Florida EAPG tumblers came in. I ordered them to go with my water pitcher and 3 tumblers, so I now have a complete water set. That green is so beautiful, and the Florida pattern (aka Paneled Herringbone) has become one of my favorites. Actually, I stand corrected. I just looked it up in Reilly and Jenks, and the Paneled Herringbone name is only given to the clear version. The emerald green is aka Emerald Green Herringbone. Anyway, I had looked it up to see if a water tray was made so I can be on the lookout for one, but alas, it doesn't look like a water tray was made in this pattern. Anyway, that next picture is of my now-9-piece water set of Florida, aka Emerald Green Herringbone, where it sits in my display case.

And finally, what blog entry of mine would be complete without a mention of my chickens or eggs? The last picture is of the egg slide or egg tower (whatever you want to call it) with 18 eggs in it. It's time to gift some away to the neighbors, but I sure don't feel like doing that tonight. And with that thought, I bid you adieu, gentle reader, until the morrow.


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