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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Well, today was Tuesday, but I believe it was just a Monday in disguise. The quality of some of the calls today were just unbelievable. I had one prima donna who argued with me because I'm not physically in the clinic that she was calling for. She called me a liar and told me I needed to find another job where I didn't have to lie for a living. So many things I wanted to say to her, but I just hung up instead and let her spit her vitriole at the dead phone line. Some people just have to be nasty to others to make themselves feel better, I guess. I sure hope she felt really good about herself for putting down someone whose job it is to help others.

But moving on, some good things happened today too. I got to spend my morning break with my chickens and got some selfies with them. They make me so happy when everything else just seems to be working against me. Well, they and my furbabies, Max and Maggie. Whenever things get too tough, I just surround myself with my animals and everything just seems so much better. Animals are angels in disguise and help to keep us sane and grounded, in touch with the earth and our souls, and manage to keep all the bad stuff at bay, at least for a time. I certainly couldn't make it without my fur (and feather-) babies! And of course it doesn't hurt that my feather babies poop breakfast for me! lol

The first two rows of pictures below are of me with one of the chickens and then an image of two of the chickens standing in the pen. The chickens allow me to pick them up, pet them, do anything I need to do within reason, and as long as I don't startle them by bringing in a stray bucket or something else that might panic them lol. They do tend to panic rather easily. But other than that, they are very docile and usually pretty sweet. The Rhode Island Reds that I had, they would peck me (not hard, but they would peck) on the face, arms, legs, where ever, but the Golden Comets are much nicer than that lol. Now, occasionally they will peck my legs out of curiosity, but it's very rare. And they do get excited when they see me coming! Now that's more than likely because they associate me with food, haha, but I'll take whatever I can get!

In the third row of pictures, the first is of Max trying to get me to rub his belly this afternoon. He was anxiously awaiting me to finish work so I would take him outside, so since that wasn't going to happen any time soon, he decided to invite a belly rub, knowing that would work lol. He does love a good belly rub, and I don't mind giving my good boy one either. The second picture is a sweet and tender moment between us when we were snuggling a little bit after our walk. I love that little boy so much, and I know he loves me too. It's telegraphed from every body movement he makes!

That third picture in the third row is of a corned beef brisket I pressure-cooked today. I got it at Sam's and put it in the pressure cooker for 3 hours, and it is the most flavorful, the tenderest, the most perfect corned beef brisket I've ever had. I had a slice of it for my dinner tonight along with some homemade ranch mashed potatoes. Simply delicious! I highly recommend that brisket, and it's relatively inexpensive. The first time I made it, I assumed that my pressure cooker would cook it much, much more quickly than other ways (which with everything else, it does), so I did it for 90 minutes. And then I had to cook it for another 90 minutes once I looked at it. It actually may have been done at that point, but I decided to be safe rather than sorry. So when I cooked it today, I made sure just to go ahead and do the full 3 hours, and man oh man, is it ever so tender and scrumptuous!

Most of the rest of the pictures are from my yard. The fourth row is of my Indian hawthorne bush in full bloom. This is definitely the best year for it so far, and I'm very happy with how showy its performance is. Next are my three golden euonymous bushes by the house. They've grown so much since I first got them! And they are so showy year 'round, with those beautiful yellow-green leaves. I will probably look into pruning and shaping them some this year; I know from past experience they can grow huge if left to their own devices. My mom had one planted by our back door ages ago and it grew well over 8 feet tall. These are in the 3-4 foot range now.

Next row starts off with a boxwood that was so tiny when I planted it, but has grown about half the size of the golden euonymouses. It must like where it's planted! Then the next 2 images are closeups of some of my new azaleas. I'm going to do an arch/semi-circle hedge with them around the brick courtyard I plan to build in the side yard. And then I'll plant something between the hedge and the bricks, just not sure yet if that will be annuals or some small perennials. Last, but not least, are images of two of the new roses. They are so very pretty! And then the last image is one that got me through the afternoon lol, just a hot guy I found on one of my Facebook groups. Inspiration to get through the last part of the afternoon!

Ok, and that is that for today! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, you're having a great Tuesday evening, and I'll talk to you, gentle reader, tomorrow! Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, yes, my finger still hurts like a bitch lol.


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