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Monday, March 29, 2021

Monday. Today has definitely been a Monday. In more ways than one, too! Mondays are always extra cringey when it comes to my job, because Monday is our busiest day when about 3500-4000 calls come through. But add to that the addition of a broken finger when I'm trying to type - egads, it makes it the Mondayest Monday of all Mondays! Just kidding, it really wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. Granted, the finger did get in my way, what with it being painful, stiff, and swollen, but I did manage to work around it for the most part. It won't straighten out, so that actually helps when trying to make it hit computer keys. The first 2 images below are showing the bruised areas, although the phone camera didn't quite capture it like the naked eye does.

Good things did happen today. One of my favorite EAPG patterns to collect is called Daisy and Buttons with Crossbar, also known as Mikado, or the original name of Richards and Hartley Number 99. It's rare to find these items cheap, but I managed to find on eBay a water pitcher in this pattern, which was made in 1886, for only $5 as a Buy It Now. I really think the seller intended for that to be $50 but missed a digit ($4.95 instead of $49.95), because usually one of these bad boys goes for anywhere from $30-$70. But I decided to give it a try, and it arrived today. I'm really lucky it arrived in one piece, because the seller did not wrap and package it very well. It had almost no packing materials with it, so I'm very grateful to the post office for being careful with it. It's a beautiful amber piece, and is in four pictures below, one with me holding it, then three "on display". It's in my top 5 favorite patterns for sure.

Max no longer has any medication to take, much to his relief. He has a doctor's appt on Friday, so we'll see what happens then. I think he's been a little more animated without the medication, so I may have to carefully weight the benefits of medication with how he acts without it. While I want him with me as long as possible, I also want his time with me to be a high quality of life. So, we shall see how things go this week. Maggie has been a holy terror today, running through the house, wanting me to give her food that she already has, and wanting to go outside all damn day long lol. In the pictures below, she is resting on the bed and playing with a red ribbon. The picture of Max is from in the bathroom where he was lying on the rug in front of the bathroom vanity.

Well, I would type more, but my finger is hurting again and it's getting late. Have a fantastic evening and be thankful Monday is over with, gentle reader. Until tomorrow!


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