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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Welcome to Sunday, March 28, 2021! Today's been one of ups and downs. It started out great, cuddled with the hubby after we woke up this morning, had some personal time, then took Max for his morning walk, fed the fish, the chickens, Max, and Maggie, then the hubby and I left to go feed ourselves at Hardy's. But oh my, Hardy's was pretty packed, and it was backed up. Took us forever to even order, and then once we did, it took forever to get our food. People that ordered after us were getting their food before us, and then when we finally did get our food, they didn't give me a fork. Now, I had ordered biscuits and gravy, and I went back to see if I could get one, but there was no way I was going to be waited on. So, I managed to eat the biscuits and gravy by breaking off bits of the biscuit and dunking it into the gravy. In addition to all this, it had been torrentially raining on the drive over there, and was very wet when we left. We went to Lowe's because I wanted to look at azaleas for a yard project and also needed potting soil.

That potting soil is where the day ended up taking a very bad turn. Now, to begin this story, I break fingers and toes quite easily, it appears. Two years ago, when I had an issue with swollen feet (turns out from one of my blood pressure meds), I ended up breaking a toe, because you know, painful swollen feet weren't enough to deal with lol. Four years before that, I broke a toe when the hubby and I were at Gulf Shores, Alabama, while I was out in the water. On sand. See? Very easily. So today, when I went to get a big bag of potting soil, forgetting just how wet everything was, and it slipped out of my hands and fell to the concrete ground, is it any surprise that it evidently bent the ring finger on my right hand and broke it in two places? I'm having a lot of trouble typing this right now because of the stiffness and pain of that finger lol. Yes, even though it hurts like a motherfucker, I can laugh because of how easily I do break fingers and toes. I won't be laughing tomorrow though when I'm having to type all day on the job. Oy vey! The hubby of course didn't believe it was broken (no one ever believes me when I break a finger or a toe), and was upset with me that I was suddenly in such a sour and rotten mood. Sorry, while I can laugh about it now, at the time it was not a laughing matter, and I turned into the biggest bitch on the planet for quite a while afterwards. But I finally just learned to live with the pain and turned the day around so I wasn't such a wet blanket. Or wet noodle. Or wet whatever is most appropriate. I then went on to choose 8 encore azaleas (the reblooming kind, because I don't want the azaleas that just sit there and are green for 11 months of the year), and also decided I wanted some climbing roses. Now, roses and I don't get along, but I've decided this year is going to be different. Roses are my favorite flower, I've just never had a lot of luck growing any other than the knock-out roses, which are ok but aren't real roses. The first two rows of pictures below are of the space I plan to transform and of the new plants I bought to put in that space. After Lowe's, we also went to Home Depot, where I found 8 more encore azaleas that should work well with the first 8.

I also bought a couple of red gerbera daisies and a couple of asparagus ferns (the next 2 rows of pictures). Gerbera daisies and I also have some issues, but again I've decided this is the year that all issues cease and desist and these plants will perform for me, not only perform, but thrive! When I potted up the gerberas and ferns, I also potted up a pink kalanchoe that I'd bought last weekend but hadn't potted yet. And then the cactus in that row of pictures is just one I've had for several years that I'm quite proud of.

The next row of pictures is of two hanging baskets I filled with potting soil to put the bulbs of some tuberous begonias in. There are three of each color, one basket having the yellow bulbs and the other the pink and white bulbs. They're going to be beautiful once they grow and start blooming! I hung them on the north side of my porch, but I may end up moving them before it's over. I want to make sure they get plenty of sun and thrive so they're as pretty as possible! The last row of pictures below is of my geranium that I've posted before, but is looking particularly beautiful today, and a hen and chicks plant. The hen and chicks came last spring as part of a shipment from the Gilbert Wild and Sons company, where I bought a ton of daylilies. I'll post pics of those before too long. They're all growing nicely in the little square flowerbed next to my porch, and it won't be long before they're blooming.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent with the hubs and we had a third personal time before it was time for him to leave. He made it safely home and now I'm about to take Max out for another walk before we start winding down the evening. Four-thirty comes early tomorrow, and I'd like to be in bed by 8:30 tonight if at all possible (I always aim for that time, but rarely make it lol). And that's that! So have a great evening, gentle reader, and I'll write more tomorrow!


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