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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Saturday has come and gone. I'm writing this late Saturday night, almost Sunday morning, while waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in. I forgot to take them earlier, so when the hubby said he was going to bed after our personal time, I was like, fuck, I forgot to take them! So I figured since I'll have to wait a little bit, I might as well get my blog entry for today written! I had intended to write it much earlier, but today was busy and productive, so I didn't get a chance to, and when I didn't, I figured I would just combine the weekend into one post like I did last weekend. No need to do that now, though!

So despite Maggie's best efforts, I didn't want to get up this morning lol. I hit snooze several times on my phone alarm, although Maggie the cat would jump up on me, meow, jump back down, and zoom around the room trying her best to wake me up. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I sleep on my living room sofa due to my cpap machine. I started on the cpap Feb. 28, 2019, and from the first night, I was unable to sleep in my bed with it. I tried. But it was a no-go, even with the sleeping pills (such as they are - I take 2 diphenhydramine, or basically benedryl, and one trazodone, although back then I wasn't taking the trazodone), so I had to take the cpap out to the living room and I slept in my recliner that night. And I continued sleeping in the recliner for the next 10 months, until Dec. 27 when I flipped over backwards while sleeping. What a way to wake up! At first I was confused and disoriented and had no idea why I was upside down. Max slept with me in the recliner, on my side, and he ended up on top of me. Maggie would sleep on my lap in the recliner for part of the night, but fortunately she'd already vacated my lap by the time the Great Chair Flip occurred lol. And fortunately the chair and I hit the floor instead of either of the display cabinets near the chair or the space heater that's also nearby.

After flipping over in the recliner, I gradually started sleeping on the sofa. I had to do a little back-and-forth for a bit to get used to it, but finally I was able to sleep full-time on the couch instead of the recliner, and that made a huge difference. I no longer was all cramped up in the chair. Even though it reclined, it still strongly limited my movements, which honestly was also one of the reasons I'd started sleeping in it to begin with. But on the sofa, I could stretch out and even roll over, which I'd been unable to do in the recliner. I hope someday to be able to sleep in my bed again, but it's been well over 2 years now since I last slept in it. During that time, I spent 10 months sleeping in the recliner and now I've spent 15 months sleeping on the sofa.

All that just so you, gentle reader, can get the idea that when Maggie was zooming around the room at just before 7am this morning (yes, I sleep in on the weekends, but I also stay up later, so there's that), the room in question wasn't the bedroom, but the living room. And her zooming included jumping onto the sofa arm and along the back of the sofa, when she wasn't also jumping onto me. Max, who sleeps with me on the sofa, usually down by my feet although he often starts out higher up, was just chilling and waiting patiently for me to decide to get up - although when the alarm went off at first, and at least once during the snoozes, he did jump down thinking I was getting up.

Once I finally started the day, I got some things done in the house, then I had to go to town to mail off the milk glass toothpick holder I'd mentioned the other day. The woman who claimed it lives in Maine, so I went to the post office and got that mailed out, then stopped off and got gas for my lawnmower, because God knows it was time to start mowing my lawn! I managed to get the entire thing mowed today, and also weedeated the major areas in the yard. I didn't think to take any pictures! This was my first time using my new weedeater, which is a battery-operated, cordless type that the hubby was dead-set against my getting lol. I had a gas powered one, but I never used it because it was such a pain in the ass to get started. So I gifted it to him and I bought myself one that doesn't require a degree in swearing to start. And it worked fine for me, and was actually a bit of a joy to use.

Another thing I did was to try and figure out what pattern a piece of glass the hubby gave me was. We were pretty certain it was EAPG, but couldn't find the pattern anywhere. I checked the database of the EAPG group I'm in on Facebook - they have a website with information, and I even went ahead and paid for a membership, although I've yet to get any membership information from them - and came up empty-handed. I then posted the pics you'll see below on the Facebook group and immediately I was pointed in the right direction. It turns out the glass is Daisy and Button with Oval Panels, made by Richards and Hartley Glass Co, circa 1887. The "official" name is Richards and Hartley Glass Company Number 900. Always great to finally identify a pattern that's eluded you lol.

After that, I had to go to Sam's to buy the hubby's restaurant supplies as well as some items for myself. It wasn't too bad this evening, it was crowded but not overly so like most times. Waiting until later in the evening certainly helps! What didn't help was that Sam's was out of a couple items he needed, but at least he can just order those from his food salesman. I brought all those back, then just did a few more things before the hubby got here this evening. It's his late/short weekend, so he didn't arrive until after 8:30. The first thing we did was go to Dairy Queen for some ice cream lol. He tends to love the pecan mudslide, so he orders that just about every time. I went with the royal New York cheesecake with strawberry blizzard. It was so good! The hubs tried it and declared next time he won't get the mudslide but will get the blizzard instead, but I'm betting when it comes down to it, he'll just order the mudslide again lol.

Ok, well I think the sleeping pills are kicking in, so I'm off to bed. Oh, and before I do, the other pictures below are just some quick ones of the babies - Maggie on the bed, the parakeets keeping their distance from me while I photograph them, and Max sleeping in one of his little beds. Goodnight, gentle reader, and have a great weekend!


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