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Friday, March 26, 2021

Thank God it is Friday! This has been one long, long week, and yesterday was nearly a week in and of itself. But today is Friday, and the tail end of it at that. Today was my short day, worked 8-3:30, but when 3:30 came, I was stuck on the phone lol, so I it was a few minutes after before I could get away. And my goodness, something about Friday, it seems to bring out the worst in some people. But, that's all over with and quite good that it is.

I collected 6 eggs from my chickens again today. I love when all 6 of them produce the little butt nuggets. And they always seem so happy. The first image below is of them eating some clover I gathered for them this afternoon. They bring me so much joy to be able to raise them, I really really wish I could get my actual farm started. I had to go to Tractor Supply this evening to get them some grain, and while there, I saw they have chicks and ducklings in. The little ducklings are so cute! I don't think I like how they are keeping the babies this year, though. Instead of being in open bins with heat lamps, they're in these stacked plastic cages that just don't see as great. The floor of the plastic cages are covered with a meshy-looking plastic, and it looked like several chicks were dead in one of the cages, plastered into the mesh plastic. But they may just have been resting, I truly hope they weren't dead. But the little ducklings all seemed happy and healthy, as much as I could tell, and I had to restrain myself from getting some. I have zero places to keep ducks, but I didn't have any place to keep the first chickens I got's hard to believe it's been over a year now since I got the first chickens and first put up that pen out back.

I also received a couple of pieces of glassware in the mail today, from eBay. One was for me, one was for the hubby. He's started collecting the cane pattern of EAPG, so I got him a cane goblet in amber. It's very pretty, and I may have to start collecting cane myself. But one step at a time! The piece that came for me is a water pitcher in the wooden pail pattern, also in amber. It's my first piece of that pattern and it's lovely. I can't wait to collect others in that pattern. Some of you may remember I gave away a milk glass toothpick holder in the shape of a wooden bucket, but that's a different pattern by a different glass maker and it's not truly EAPG, having come along later.

In between getting off work and going to Tractor Supply, I took Max for his evening walk, and took some pictures while we were out and about. The azaleas up the road are beautiful, as is the purple wisteria. I took several pictures of those. I am so looking forward to getting my little courtyard area in my side yard started. What I now envision is the courtyard, with a water fountain in the middle, and encore azaleas lining the perimeter. Maybe even with climbing roses on some wooden trellises I had bought a couple of years ago but never used. And a bench on the brick courtyard, with the azaleas behind it and climbing roses on either side. Will this become reality? Hopefully so, but roses and I have a tumultuous relationship at best. They don't like to flourish under my care lol. But we shall see. The weather today was much better, while it was overcast and the chance of rain, according to Alexa, was still about 50%, it didn't rain and the temperature was between 70 and 75 for most of the day. One of the pictures below is of my big outside thermometer showing just a tad under 70 at that time.

Also pictured down below are some pictures of my backyard and a little bit of one of the side yards. The backyard pictures also include pictures of my two blueberry bushes, each a different variety, and a closeup of the blooms on each of them. I'm looking forward to fresh blueberries this year!

One thing I've been meaning to do is to plug the podcast of a couple of friends of mine. Donna Elwin and Kerri Easterling run a podcast called A Paranormal Chicks (word-play there - "paranormal", "pair of normal") that combines true crime, paranormal events, and southern humor. Their website is, check them out, you'll be rolling listening to their banter, holding your breath as Kerri talks about a true crime case, or shivering with fright from one of Donna's paranormal stories.

Ok, gentle reader, we have reached that time when I must draw this entry to a close. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday night ahead, stay safe, and see you this weekend!


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