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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday brought yet another round of storms, although we were already pretty saturated from the rains on Tuesday and then Wednesday evening. Fortunately my power didn't go out today, although the lights did flicker a few times, but not enough to switch off my computers, thank goodness, so my work wasn't interrupted. However, we were under a tornado watch for a good bit of the day, and then there was a tornado warning north of here where my family lives in Magee. I don't think there was any damage, and my family, thank God, is fine. The hubs also lives near that area, and fortunately he is just fine too.

One of our weather forecasters commented on his Facebook page that it wouldn't be a bad idea to photograph everything in your home for insurance purposes, given that the weather was so unpredictable today, so I took a little time to do that. And then deleted them all after everything was over. But my goodness, there's nothing like taking pictures of your living space to see just how cluttered it can be! Like seriously, I feel the need to go through and declutter this entire house after looking at those pictures. Even the hubby's room, which is always immaculate, looks cluttered in those pictures. I guess I don't really see the clutter because I live in it day in, day out, and it just feels like living to me being in the thick of it. But then seeing the pictures, which in a way is as if looking at your home through a stranger's eyes, brings the reality of it all crashing down upon you. Or at least that was my perception today. So I did get to straightening up a few things to try and make my home more presentable.

Max has had another blah day. He didn't want to go out with me to feed the chickens again, and when I made him go out with me on my morning break, he stayed long enough to pee a couple times then wanted to go right back inside. On my afternoon break, I took him for a walk, but it started raining a bit and he definitely wanted nothing to do with that, so we came in earlier than expected from that as well. Finally when I got off at 4:30, we did a proper walk and everything was good. I can really see him declining little by little each day, though. I had high hopes for the CBD oil that my friend had sent, but I don't really think it's helping a whole lot. Maybe a little, which in this case, I'll take whatever I can get for him.

The first row of pictures below are from yesterday evening when he was feeling a bit snuggly. The second row are from the accumulated rainwater, the first picture in my own backyard near my composting pit, and the next two are my neighbor's backyard, which holds water way too well. Then the last row are some up close and personal pictures of a sleepy Maggie May, the third image really showcasing her beautiful green eyes.

And with that, I will conclude this entry. Have a great evening, gentle reader, and tomorrow is Friyay!


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