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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday ends as a rainy evening. It was nice and sunny most of the day while I was holed up in my home office on the phones, but then when work ends, it's now rainy, wet, and nasty outside. Max was a bit perturbed at me because when I got off today (on Wednesdays, I get off at 4:30), I had to run to town to pick up a refill on my trazodone, so he didn't get to go for his walk when he wanted. And then it came a downpour while I was trying to make my way back home, so we had to wait for some slack in the rain before he could go. And fortunately, he knew exactly what was going on, because he didn't dilly-dally around, he pooped when he knew he had to lol. That's amazing for him!

My day was made when two pieces of glassware I'd gotten from the EAPG Facebook group arrived, separately. The first one arrived via UPS, and it's a beautiful punch bowl. It's Indiana Glass Company #123, aka Paneled Daisy and Finecut, although it may be a reproduction, I've yet to investigate fully on that front. And I'm not 100% certain the base and bowl are a match, I'll research more on that as well. But honestly, it's a beautiful two-piece set and I'm very happy to have gotten it. It's in the second row of pictures below.

The second piece to arrive is a beautiful, if chipped, spooner in the Bellflower pattern. It's made from flint glass, and has a nice crystal ring to it. It's old, the Bellflower pattern being made in flint glass from the 1840's and 1850's through 1860. So it's at least 161 years old and possibly 181 years old. It shares the third row of pictures with Max below.

The last row of pictures is of a milk glass toothpick holder that I've had for many years but decided to give away as part of the glass giveaway on the EAPG Facebook group. Today's the last day of that giveaway and I decided I wanted to give something back, even if it was just one small toothpick holder. It's by L. E. Smith Glass Company, and I'm not certain of the exact pattern name, but it's in the pattern of a wooden bucket. Within 2 minutes it was claimed by a lady in Maine lol, which I'll be mailing it to her on Saturday morning.

The first row of pictures below is my blooming baby's breath in my front yard. It's looking gorgeous, and hopefully the rain tonight, and the expected storms tomorrow, won't knock all the blooms off. I've had that in my yard almost from the beginning when I bought this place 10.5 years ago. I think it was probably the first full summer I lived here that I planted it, in 2011.

Well, today's a short entry, but other than the glassware, it was relatively uneventful. I once again felt like a zombie for a little bit this morning, but felt more like myself much sooner than yesterday morning. I hope everyone has a great night, and if you live in my area, be safe in these storms! Until tomorrow!


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