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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Good Tuesday evening, gentle reader! I trust your day has been fantastic, or at least productive and not sucky. Mine started out very, very sucky. I was feeling terrible again this morning, zombie-land once more, nauseous after eating breakfast, and my blood pressure was running a bit high (158/83). But, I once again forced myself to get on the phones, and after a few hours, I started feeling better. I don't know, maybe something about helping other people get what they need, whether that be an appointment, refills on their medications, or just being someone to listen to their need to vent, just makes my own problems seem insignificant and by helping others, I'm helping myself feel better too. Or maybe that's just gibberish and the meds are finally starting to get out of my system (I hope!). Once more, Max wasn't feeling good either, and the rain didn't help things. He didn't go outside at all today other than our 5am morning walk, a quick trip to pee when I went to feed the chickens around 7:15am, and then our evening walk at 5pm. Most of it was his not feeling well, but part of it was also the rain. Had it not been raining, I could probably have convinced him to come out with me to collect the eggs and to go out on my lunch break.

While I was working this afternoon after lunch, right in the middle of a call, my power went out from the storm. After a short while it came back on, but then it continued to flicker on and off, so I didn't dare try to get back on the computer and phones until I knew for sure it was going to stay on. Once I was sure, I did get back on and the afternoon went smoothly, even if I did worry the power might go out again when the storm intensified late afternoon. And my goodness, there were a few grumpy people that called this afternoon too. But I didn't let them ruin my composure, I stayed cool and passed them along to the clinics, since that's why they were grumpy - having to deal with a low-life who just answers the phones.

One thing I didn't mention in yesterday's posting was that two of the glass pieces I had gotten in the giveaway from the EAPG Facebook group arrived yesterday. My gosh that was fast! The little blue daisy and buttons with crossbar (Mikado) tray is so beautiful! And so is the bread plate! The tray is from the 1880's, while the bread plate is circa 1877. They are the last 6 pictures below.

The first 3 images are of my "egg tower" or "egg slide" that I had purchased on Amazon. It's a great, and space-efficient, way to store my eggs as I collect them. Once I have enough to give away, then they go in a carton. I usually eat 2 eggs a day for breakfast. It's quick and easy to pluck the 2 I'm going to cook from the bottom of the slide (where the older eggs are...but realistically, the "older" eggs are not usually more than 2-3 days old). The basket next to it is my matching egg collecting basket. With wire spacing and the wire covered with a soft rubbery-plastic (I hope I didn't get too technical there!), it's perfect for collecting eggs and keeping them safe.

The next 6 are of two of my African violets. The purple and white one the hubby surprised me with a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes he can be so sweet! Other times not so much, but we won't dwell on those! It's a beautiful violet, and I absolutely love the colors! He picked it up at a nursery on his way down on one of his long weekends. I say he surprised me with it, but...I kinda ruined the surprise. He'd been to that nursery a few days before to purchase the boxwoods for his formal garden, and he mentioned they had African violets there when we spoke on the phone that evening. When he called that Saturday to let me know he was on his way, he said he might stop at the nursery to order a couple more boxwoods. When he said that, I said, "Oh, you can get me one of those African violets while you're stopping!" And the poor thing, he had planned to do just that and wanted to surprise me, but then I had to bring it up! Actually, it ended up being a surprise anyway, the one I had actually wanted was already gone, so he selected one that was every bit as pretty as the original. The pink one is a violet I've had for years, and it just started blooming again after being dormant for a few months.

Then there are the three pictures of a very old teapot, made in 1860. It's a Rockingham/Bennington pottery piece, and it most certainly has signs of being 161 years old - the lid has several big chips in it. It's a beautiful little piece that I managed to pick up for $10 several years ago.

Then there are three pictures of an EAPG relish/pickle tray that I've had for several years as well. It's the Texas pattern and is ruby-flashed. Some of the flashing has rubbed off over the decades. It's 121 years old, having been made in 1900.

And then of course are the pieces that arrived yesteray. I love them and will certainly treasure them as part of my collection. One day I'll get ambitious and photograph my entire collection. Whew. Maybe not lol, but certainly at some point I'll start and hopefully finish.

Anyway, I'm going to end this entry here, I hope you have a wonderful evening, gentle reader, and be sure to come back tomorrow night for another exciting day in the life!


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