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Monday, March 22, 2021

Wow. What can I say about today? Today was an exercise in pure hell. Last night, I took my buspirone and escitalopram as scheduled, along with my diphenhydramine and trazodone, and I slept fairly well, I awoke only twice that I recall and went right back to sleep. When my alarm went off, I knew something wasn't quite right. I felt terrible. But I went ahead and got up, of course, and took Max out, came back and fed both of us. And then I felt worse. I was nauseous, I was dizzy, I was in a daze. I laid back down for a bit, but that didn't seem to help. And this being Monday, there was no way in hell I could call in. That along with the fact my FMLA intermittent leave still hasn't been approved, so I'd have way too many points against me. So I did the only thing I could do - I worked as a zombie for the entire morning. The hubs told me I just needed to stop taking those meds, and I think I was pretty much agreeing with him - yet I took my second half-pill of the buspirone at my scheduled time this morning anyway.

I took my lunch break, but I didn't eat anything for lunch. I had no appetite plus I was still a little nauseous. After lunch, I got a call from the sleep center that my trazodone refill had been sent in, but the doctor was concerned about drug interactions with the buspirone and escitalopram. They wouldn't say what kind of interactions, but I looked it up myself and it's considered a severe interaction, and it probably explains a lot of the problems I had today. So, as of today, no more of the new meds. I'll speak with my doctor at a later time about what's going on and if I should try something else. That's a big if too, since I don't want to experience anything else like this weekend and today.

The rest of the afternoon I started feeling better, until I decided to eat something for dinner after work. Now I feel nauseous again, but I'm sure that will pass.

Max hasn't felt good at all today either. He's mostly laid in his bed near my work desk, or on the sofa, or on the actual bed. Of course, he can't jump up on the bed anymore, so whenever he wants up there, he has to ask for my help. He hasn't really cared much about going outside today either, would go only grudgingly if we were just going out in the backyard, but when it involved an actual Walk (with his harness and leash), then he'd get excited about it. One thing I realized today has me rather sad. In the past, when I would tell Max I love him, he'd growl at me. I think that was his way of telling me he loved me too. I just realized today that when I say it, he doesn't growl anymore. That alone tells me how bad this whole liver disease thing actually is. It's like it's taken away a part of his personality. But, I won't explore that path too much right now. It's a dangerous path that I don't want to go down at the moment, so I'll move on.

Pictures below are of me this afternoon at work once I started feeling better, then a picture of one of the wedding bands I had bought for the hubby and myself (the one pictured is the one I wear). The third picture is from back in the summer when we were at Flowerbed Nursery down in Purvis, standing near a plant that I now don't remember the name of. And then the rest of the pictures are just ones of part of my coin collection. The first 2 pictures are the obverse and reverse of an 1878-cc Morgan Dollar ("cc" is the mint mark, which means it was minted in Carson City, Nevada. 1878 is the first year of the Morgan Dollar). The next two are the obverse and reverse of an 1829 Bust Dime. The last two are the obverse and reverse of an 1832 Bust Half Dollar.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and will see y'all tomorrow!


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