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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Happy Sunday, gentle reader! I trust this evening finds you all well-rested and ready to begin our work week tomorrow! Yep, I hear those groans and grunts, and I'm right there with y'all! But no amount of beating of chests and gnashing of teeth will prevent the evil Monday from coming along! The good news is that we can control how we react to Monday. Unfortunately I usually react badly lol, but it's time to turn over a new leaf and make the best of it!

You may have noticed, gentle reader, that I missed a post yesterday. There are reasons for that! You may recall that I had mentioned wanting to try clonazepam and had asked my doctor about it. He never actually got back to me, but he instead prescribed 2 other medications for me to try. I finally picked those up Friday evening after work, and immediately tried them. And oh my gosh. I ended up writing Friday's entry until 11pm (keep in mind during the week, I rise at 4:30am), so I would have been tired anyway, but having taken both of those medications - which are escitalopram and buspirone - made me crash so hard! I got into bed, and I didn't take any of my usual sleep medications, thinking I would try it with just these since they did make me so sleepy. It took me a little longer than usual to fall asleep, about half an hour, but once I did I think I slept pretty well - until 3am when I jolted awake and could not fall back asleep to save my life. I finally ended up getting up around 4:30 or 5:00am (on Saturdays, I do not rise early, I sleep until 6:30am) and then I was completely fried from lack of sleep and being so completely sleepy. I was supposed to run to Sam's club for the hubs for his restaurant, but I couldn't function. I told him around 8am that I was gonna try laying down and napping.

Well, the napping didn't work. Try as I may, I could not fall asleep. I gave up around 10 and went ahead and got up and tried doing some things to prepare for his visit, since this is his long weekend and he'd be here around 2:30pm. I was in such a haze and fog, it was crazy. I'm supposed to take half a buspirone twice a day for four days then one whole tablet twice a day, the escitalopram once a day. So I went ahead and took my morning dose of the half buspirone when it was time. By the time he got here, I was no longer in a fog and actually had some energy, considering my lack of sleep. We decided I would drive to Sam's and that was an exciting ride lol. I made sure I stayed below the speed limit since we didn't know what the medication would do to my driving, but we made it just fine. Going through Sam's, I more or less felt like a zombie, but by the time we finished, that sensation was gone. So we decided to drive over to Best Buy to look around and kill a little time before going to dinner at a Chinese buffet. After we left the buffet, I wasn't sure if I could really drive, so I let the hubs take over. We went to Ollie's Bargain shop, and that seemed to clear my head some more, so I went ahead and drove from that point on. We drove home so we could get the cold stuff in the fridge and freezer and so I could walk and feed Max, then we went back to town to visit At Home. I got a pair of solar lights to put on my porch posts, and then because we didn't eat enough at dinner, we decided to get ice cream at Sonic. Wouldn't you know - the ice cream machine at Sonic was broken. That didn't deter us, though, we just went to Dairy Queen instead.

When we had come home that first time, I went ahead and took both of the new meds and they didn't seem to affect me at that time. When we got home the second time, after ice cream, I made sure to take my regular sleeping meds as well. Then, after some private time together, we went to bed and...I remember waking up once during the night (as opposed to half a dozen times most nights) but was able to go right back asleep. And then my alarm went off at 6:30 and we began our day.

Our Sunday began as it usually does, with our going to breakfast at Hardy's and then going to Lowe's. Surprisingly I didn't buy anything, although the hubs bought 5 dahlias, 5 african daisies, and 5 lemon coral sedum for the center of his formal garden, around the huge concrete urn. I think it's going to look fantastic when he's done! I looked at several plants, and thought about how I eventually would like to do the flower bed I need to work on in my side yard, but either the medication was making me not much care about plants today, or my on-going concern with Max' health did. In any case, I just looked and thought, but didn't really plan or purchase.

After eating at Newk's for lunch, we came back home to fix an issue that needed attention. The shower drain under my house seemed to have been leaking, so we had to dig a trench to get under the house - well, for the hubs to get under the house, I've gotten way too fat in the last few years to be able to get under there lol. So after about an hour, he managed to fix it, at least temporarily, so my shower will drain properly into the sewer instead of into the dirt under my house. Next up, I need to fix my broken washer drain, but that will be next weekend or maybe that will be a hire job lol. The first pic below is of the trench under the house (the hubby was under there at the time, but of course you can't see him) and the second is of the white flowers growing in the lawn on that side of the house. After that, it was some more private time, then he went on his merry way back to his home.

The third picture below is little Maggie wanting my attention. Good thing she doesn't have claws or I think she would have climbed up my leg to get to me. The next three are of eggs and chickens. I got 6 eggs today! The seventh egg in the pictures is just a fake egg I use to let the hens know where they can lay. I most likely can remove it now, I think after 2 months they've gotten the hint, but I leave it in there for nostalgia. The next pictures are just some photos of part of my EAPG (Early American Pattern Glass) collection. EAPG covers a range from the 1870's through around 1915. Most of the pieces in the pictures are probably 1880's through 1900.

So that's my weekend, and that's also why I didn't post an entry for yesterday. It was a busy and exhausting weekend in many ways! So, gentle reader, I hope your Sunday evening is wonderful and relaxing, and remember, only 2 more weeks until Easter!


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