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March 20, 2024

And a good Wednesday to everyone out there! I don't know that I really have a lot to talk about today, but we'll see where this goes! So my boss has been out of town, out of the country really, since Thursday, so it's given me a chance to run the store on my own. I think it's gone fairly well, with one or two hiccups along the way, but overall it's been fine and been great experience for if/when I eventually take over running the store for him.

I'm ready to take a nap lol. My alarm went off at 5:30 as usual, and as usual I hit snooze twice, so I didn't actually get up until 5:48. And my goodness, I was ready to take a nap then! I have felt so drained all week, but can't make myself go to bed early for some reason lol. I feel like a toddler at bedtime, not wanting to go to bed and give up my consciousness for 8 hours! You'd think the sleeping pills I take would make me ready to go to bed, but they just allow me to fall asleep when it's time. I just need to start training myself to properly sleep!

Monday when I went to work, I saw that the wisteria has filled out more with the blooms, so I took a few more pics. One of the pictures includes a scooter that I thought made an artistic shot of sorts. I don't know who's scooter it is, but to my eye at least it looked pretty cool under the lavendar blooms. Those are the first 3 pics below. The fourth pic is my lunch yesterday. It looked appealing on the plate, if I do say so myself, so I had to take a pic.

The next 9 images are screenshots from a Hot Wheels group I'm in on Facebook. Mainly posting it here to remind myself that I'd like to get some old, beatup cars (beatup paint, not beatup bodies) and repaint them. I need to watch some tutorials on painting to make sure I know how to strip off the old paint, take apart the cars (and put them back together again afterwards!), what paint to use, how to apply the paint, how to add little details without ruining the effect, and basically create my own custom masterpieces! I need to take lessons from Ian. He customizes many of his dolls, and he is quite the professional at it! I'd give my left hand to have the talent he has!

The following five images are of the car I got by joining the Mattel Red Liners Club. It wasn't free, I had to pay extra for it, but it's a fantastic truck and easily in my top 5 favorites! While I will, and do, release my cars from their blister packs, especially if I have a duplicate of it to keep in the pack, this one will forever be in its pack! I may even get a protector for it, although the card seems larger than the cards on the regular cars, so a protector may be too small. I haven't quite gotten advanced enough to have gotten protectors for any of my cars yet, but I do see that day coming lol.

The next 49 images are just some shots of my cars, both in the blister packs and out. The first four of those are of my Time Attaxi cars. I show the one in the blister pack along with a variant that's loose (came in a 5-pack), and then show the loose one by itself. Then there are various closeups, including some with their duplicates, until we get to the Hot Wagons blister packs. I have 2 of the 5 of those, 1/5 and 2/5, the green 1964 Chevy Nova Wagon and the black Custom 1966 GTO Wagon. The next 8 images are of my Jeep Renegade. I only had the white one for a long time, but this weekend I found the orange one and snatched it up! I decided their photoshoot had to be of both of them, side by side. When I first fell in love with the full-size Renegade, it was an orange one that exerted its pull on me, so the orange one definitely has a special place in my heart.

The last 5 images are of hot guys, of course. The first one of those I just thought was not only hot but also hilarious, seeing as an advertisement of "Wait until you taste it" was right next to that picture! Probably strictly a coincidence, but part of me insists the company did it that way on purpose! Next is a perfectly delectible ginger that I'd also love to taste (haha), and then three images of a very nice, and very nicely-endowed, gentleman that I found on Instagram. What a way to end the images!

Ok gang, that's it for today! Everyone have a great day, be safe, be kind, love one another, and I'll see you next time!


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