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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Hello and happy Vernal Equinox! The first day of spring has sprung, and I'm so glad to see it come! I hope everyone has had a great equinox and is looking forward to getting things planted and in the ground! The hubs and I visited Flowerbed Nursery in Purvis, MS, today, and we both got some beautiful impatiens. We got two each of a lavendar and white impatiens and a white with pink impatiens. He got 2 each and I got 2 each. I think they're going to look stunning together. He also got 2 pink salvias to put in the ground. The impatiens we'll both be putting into pots, since they require shade. Mine will reside on my porch once I decide what pot to put them into. You can see the colors of the impatiens in the images below.

Last night we had dinner with our friend Jimmy at SuperKing Chinese Buffet. It's always good, but we went a little earlier than we usually go (with him - both Steve and I like to go to dinner earlier than Jimmy likes to go, so it would have been a normal time for us), and the food was so much better at that time. Much fresher than it usually is the hour or so later that Jimmy prefers to go. Of course, it was also more crowded at that time also, but hey, you gotta lose some to win some. Speaking of winning and losing, afterwards we went to Jimmy's house to play some Farkle (a dice game). Of the four games we played, Jimmy won two while Steve and I each won one. I wore my new Schitt's Creek tshirt - Steve was gonna wear his, but he decided he needed long sleeves since he was cold - that says "Johnny & Moira & David & Alexis & Patrick & Stevie". Mine is olive green, his is royal purple. They're in the pics below. Also in the pics are ones of us at Jimmy's house - me wearing the Schitt's Creek shirt and Steve wearing his long-sleeve. Also a picture of one of Jimmy's camellias that are simply stunning.

Also pictured below is a new flowerbed that Steve is building. It'll be a rose bed and it's going to be fabulous! It'll have the circular center, with probably a huge water fountain in the center, and then 4 triangles around the circle. He's trying to decide if it'll be just roses or if he'll include some other plants for interest as well, especially in the triangles. The last 2 pictures are of my African violets that are blooming.

Now on to some "business" news. I have decided to stop doing the podcast. There simply didn't seem to be any interest in it, so I saw no reason to continue with it. Maybe someday if there seems to be some genuine interest I may start it up again, but for the time being, the Two Goats and a Donkey Podcast is formally ceased. I will continue the blog, however, as it doesn't really matter too much if anyone actually reads it, this has just been a way for me to try expressing my creativity. That being said, I do hope people are actually reading this lol. Anyway, I'd considered maybe trying my hand at another type of podcast, one that discusses Schitt's Creek, since it's my current obsession, but there are at least 8 other Schitt's Creek podcasts out there, so I doubt the world needs yet another. Although all the others seem to discuss each episode, whereas I could take a different spin on it and discuss character dynamics maybe...hmmm, may have to think about that. Anyway, I will miss doing the podcast, but it was just too much work for no one to be listening, but maybe I'll be back with something unique, different, and that people actually want to listen to.

In any case, I hope you've had a fantastic first day of spring, and I look forward to getting my own flowerbeds and yard in order! I've let weeds get too used to growing where they want and we can't have that! Adieu, my friends!


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