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Friday, March 19, 2021

TGIF! Can I get an amen on that? It's also the last day of winter for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Tomorrow is our first day of spring, and man am I ready for spring! Although honestly, other than the fact it has been a little chilly yesterday and today, spring has sprung here in the south. Grass is greening up, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and the world just seems brighter. Even though today was cloudy, cool, and dreary lol. But who's to let a little thing like that keep them from enjoying the bestest season ever? Fridays are also typically a short work day for me, with 3 Fridays being 8am-3:30pm and 2 Fridays 9:30am-5pm. However, since I was out sick 2 days this week, today was just an 8-5 kind of day. And of course I had problems. Had some phone problems where people were cutting out, or my phone would just toss me off a call entirely, etc. Then this afternoon, my internet went down for a while, but fortunately came back up and I was able to complete my day. Some days are just a ceaseless battle of trying to be able to work.

My chickens actually gave me 6 eggs today (I usually get 5, so it's treat when all 6 lay in a single day). I gave 18 eggs to the neighbors across the street, and we joked about how I should double or triple my chickens to keep up with their egg needs (they're a family of 6 and they typically go through a dozen eggs every 1-2 days), and the mom joked that they would pay for the chicken feed. Haha, that would be cool to have 12-18 chickens, but for now I think the 6 I have are all I can handle. I still need to work on their pen area, try to open it up a bit so they have more of an area to range about in. Have to balance all that out with a) time to work on making a bigger space, b) money for the materials needed, and c) make sure they're safe from predators, like owls and hawks. But future plans are definitely for a much larger flock.

Speaking of the chickens, I had to remove the cabbage on a stick today from their pen. They refused to touch it and generally wouldn't even go near it. When I fed them their scratch grain and some leftovers from the house, I tried to scatter some near the cabbage head, but they avoided it like it was a minion of Satan come to smite them. So I removed it with the idea of cutting it up and giving it to them that way, but honestly when I broke pieces off to give them, they didn't care that much for it. So much for those posts on Facebook showing chickens loving cabbage!

In between calls today, I explored more fully an EAPG Facebook group that I joined a while back. EAPG is Early American Pressed Glass and typically includes glassware made from the 1870's through the 1910's. The hubby and I got into collecting EAPG several years ago, and although I downsized my collection considerably a while back, I have recently reignited my passion for it. I noticed today that several of the members of the group were offering glass pieces for free to other members if the members paid the shipping. They would go pretty fast for the most part, but I managed to snag 3 pieces today. One has already shipped and the other two will probably ship this weekend and/or Monday. The pieces include a two-piece punch bowl in clear glass, probably circa 1909, a beautiful bread plate from 1877, and a daisy and button/crossbar small tray in light blue, 1880's. I also took some time on my lunch break today to rearrange a shelf in one of my display cases to group my Old Paris porcelain pieces together.

The day ended with Max and I snuggling in the recliner, and then with Maggie hugging my arm to her as she loves to do. Pictures of all of course! Oh, and the first pictures below are of the hubby's formal garden, which is definitely still a work in progress in those pictures. He's made a lot of progress since these images, and maybe I'll even get to see pics of that progress one day lol. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday, and that your weekend will be fantastic and restful! Until next time, gentle reader!


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