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Two Goats and a Donkey!

March 18, 2024

Happy Monday everyone! I hope all is well today and that everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know I did! Steve and Ian came down Friday night and we had a meal at Dairy Queen, as usual. I had to work Saturday morning, so I went to bed relatively early, and I had the most amazing dream! I dreamed that I was walking in a green field with short grass, and this little white puppy came running up to me. When I reached down to pet him, I saw that he actually had some black on him as well, and that it was Max! He was so energetic and so happy to see me. I remember crying in the dream, then I woke up crying. I take this as a sign that he came to let me know that he is happy and healthy and young again on that rainbow bridge (maybe more a green field?) and is patiently waiting for me to join him. That dream, visitation, whatever it was, has brought me so much peace.

As I said, I also worked Saturday, from 10-3, which actually was a pleasant shift. We got a bit busy, but not anything we couldn't handle, and I got some administrative things done as well. Then I went home, and the three of us had some "personal time" together before we got ready to leave and have dinner with our friend, Cathy. This was Ian's first time meeting Cathy, and she was so accepting of him! We love Cathy to death, as she's always been so supportive and happy concerning our relationship. Afterwards, we stopped by Sam's to see our other friend, Jimmy, who has started working there. He's at the front desk, and while we were there, this super rude customer comes up with 2 buggies full of items he has just purchased and wants to return all of it. When Jimmy asked the reason for the return, the man just barked at him to do his job. I tell ya, I could not work there. My mouth would be shooting off. The man continued to belittle and talk down to Jimmy, and finally we couldn't take his rudeness any longer and told Jimmy we were gonna go. We then decided we wanted ice cream, so we went to the Hub City Creamery next to Walk-Ons and had ourselves a delicious treat!

Sunday we went to Home Depot so Steve could get his landscaping bands, and then we had lunch at McAlister's. Since it was now raining, and his nephew, Collin, was having a gettogether Sunday night for his birthday, Steve and I an left early. I had thought about going to the pharmacy for my second Shingles shot, but didn't want to go out in the weather. However, once it stopped raining, and I saw that my other medications were ready for pickup, I decided to go on over to Target. Of course I ended up not getting the second shot because the pharmacist was there by himself and, even though I didn't see anyone else around, he told me there were 2 other people in line for vaccinations, so I decided I'd hold off on that. On the way home, I stopped at the Dollar General on the bypass to see if they had any Hot Wheels that the DG I normally go to didn't have. My my! I was very impressed with the organization and the number of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars that DG had, compared to the disorganized chaos that my normal DG has! Plus the regular DG rarely has new cars out, and there are so few of them. I bought way more that I should have lol, but I felt like I had hit the jackpot! When I got home, I got carried away with the SnapChat filters and then made some supper. All in all, it was a great weekend!

I also found some male model images I wanted to share. I know how y'all love it when I do that lol. I found a bunch of a model I've recently come to like a lot, only know him as Rèmi L. He's gorgeous, to me anyway, and I just had to include him today. I also included quite a few images of Connor Wright, an Aussie who isn't shy about posting nudies, so several of his images I had to pixelate a certain aspect of him lol. You can always find the originals on his Twitter account!

And speaking of images, let's jump on in! The first 6 images below are plants. The hosta growing in the black pot is mine, and then the wisteria is growing on the slope between the building where I work and Halfshell Oyster House up on the hill. Next are 3 images of me, 2 at work wearing my dark blue Henley shirt (before I changed into my uniform of a white Oxford and tie), and then one of me yesterday in my dark green Henley at McAlister's. The next 6 images are of Ian sitting on Steve's bed and then one of the three of us driving yesterday. Then there are 3 of our meals at McAlister's Sunday - the first being mine, a bowl of chili with half a chicken salad sandwich, the second Steve's, a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and half a sandwich, and then Ian's, a whole sandwich with a side of fruit. Then there are the Hot Wheels, Matchbox cars, and Fresh Metal cars I got at the Dollar General on the bypass. The picture after that is Steve's dream bed, one with aquariums on the ends. Maybe not so much the bunkbed, although he might prefer that too lol. Next come 17 images of me being silly with the SnapChat filters!

And then starts the guys! The first 2 are of Daniel Rengering, who is a policeman in Florida, if I remember correctly. Then one of Charlie Matthews, Cayman Cardiff, Keegan from France (can't remember his last name), Brock Grady with DJ and friends, Alex Esplanade, three guys whose names I don't know, Chase Ketron, 2 guys in the next 4 images that I don't know, then the image after that has Alfie, Josh Moore, and another model I can't remember, then next 2 images are of guys unknown to me, then comes Nathanael Radloff (whom I will need to devote several images to at some point in the future - he's a bit homophobic, but he's gorgeous!), two more images of unknowns, then Jake Andrich, then I don't know the names of the guys in the next 8 images.

Now come the big collections of Rèmi and Connor. I have 26 images of Rèmi L. that I hope you'll enjoy! He has such a beautiful boy-next-door look to him, plus he's a ginger, which is always hot! And then there are 30 images of Connor Wright, who leaves little to the imagination on his Twitter account and who also has an OnlyFans (I've not subscribed to it, surprisingly, but then I see his images on Twitter and think there's really no reason to). These guys are so hot!

And this concludes today's entry! I hope everyone has a wonderful day, that you enjoyed this entry, and remember to be kind to each other!


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