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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Happy Thursday! Whew, fortunately I was well enough today to work, although it was touch and go there at first! I was still feeling kinda shaky and weak from the last 2 days, but I was determined to tough it out and sure enough, I did! Max wasn't very happy that I had gone back to work, but at least I was still here with him, even if he didn't get my undivided attention for much of the day. On the first break this morning, I took him out to gather eggs, and also I set up a cabbage head I'd purchased for the chickens in their coop. Now, I've seen posts on Facebook where people would take a head of cabbage and suspend it from the roof of the coop for the chickens to peck at and play with, basically playing with their food. Well, I was in a hurry, so I couldn't think of a way to suspend it, so I had the next best idea: stake it in the ground! So I found a makeshift stake (a shortened length of half inch PVC pipe), gouged out a hole to get started in the cabbage, then staked it in the ground. And of course the chickens were, well, chicken, and were terrified of it to begin with. They finally started going close to it, but not too close. To show them what it was, I broke off pieces and tossed to them. They ate some of the pieces, but I don't think the cabbage impressed them much. So I left them to it, and checked several times during the day - and they have not touched the head of cabbage, although the pieces I'd broken off were all consumed. LOL, crazy chickens!

Max hasn't felt good, again, most of the day. He wouldn't poop when I took him out for his morning walked at 4:50am, and I didn't think much of it, until I was about to get in the shower and saw his sides bloated and heaving a bit. I put the shower off and took him for another walk, and he did poop this time. His IBD can evidently be as bad as his liver disease. Of course, afterwards, he didn't want to come back into the house, but of course I had to grab a shower and get set up for work. The only time he really showed any enthusiasm was when I made him some fresh chicken and rice this afternoon on my break. I didn't have any peas to put in it this time (other than canned, and he's not getting canned peas, only the frozen that doesn't have sodium or other things added), but I think he liked it a lot better without them. For the week or so, he's been mostly just picking the chicken out and leaving everything else, but the frest stuff I made for him this afternoon, he actually ate everything - well, granted, it was just chicken and rice as the only 2 ingredients, but he ate all the rice instead of leaving behind most of it like he has been. Is it because there weren't any peas in it? Or for some other reason? God only knows!

Maggie tried to get a lot of my attention today too, and let's face it, she got it too. I had popped a soft throw on the bed the other day when I wasn't feeling well, and she's taken to sleeping on that instead of the towel-covered heating pad that's her usual preference. In the picture of her below, you can see the throw she's chosen as her own. I can't blame her, it's my favorite throw too. I've had it for about 15 years or more, and I simply love it. It's survived a shit-ton of washings and dryings, not sure how much longer it'll stand up to that, but so far so good!

The hubs worked in his formal garden this afternoon after he got off work. He said he planted 93 boxwood shrubs in it today! And with all the bad weather yesterday, he basically planted in a muddy bog. His little ("little" - it's 65' long by 35' wide) formal garden is coming along nicely. It has a central circle with a huge concrete urn at the center, and paths radiate out in four directions. One of the paths is actually the entrance from the outside, and at the ends of each of the other paths, he'll eventually have benches for seating. He also plans to have formal statues at each corner of the garden. The boxwoods he planted today line the pathways, while the perimeter of the garden is planted with oakleaf hollies. He's unsure how the rest of it is going to look yet, but he has several ideas in mind. It's a labor of love, and it's going to be gorgeous when he finishes it.

Ok, time to wrap up today's entry. The pictures below are of the chickens and their cabbage, and also one of Maggie lying on the perfect throw. Enjoy the pics, have a great evening, and until next time, gentle reader!


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