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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I know not everyone celebrates, and God knows I didn't for many years, but it's a feel-good holiday that I don't celebrate but do acknowledge. And I definitely didn't do much celebrating today, as I was in Day 2 of my IBS issues. Today wasn't much better than yesterday, other than I did actually sleep last night (but not long enough). Two days in a row dealing with an IBS flare up is not much fun, let me tell ya! And to top it off, today was a little stormy. Not quite as bad as we were lead to believe, and of course it's not over yet. It's raining right now, and I think we're still under a tornado watch. There were a couple of warnings in the area earlier today, one a little while ago just north of Taylorsville (Taylorsville is where I take my dog to his vet). Hopefully there wasn't any damage or loss of life, but I've not been listening to find out. My energy levels today have been minimal, feeling very drained, and really that's to be expected with what's been going on for the last 2 days. I'm still having issues, but I can't be off another day, so I'll just muster on through tomorrow.

In other news, the hubs said he didn't have much energy today either. Today's his early day, where his food truck arrives between 5am and 6am (usually), and then of course his regular day at the restaurant. He said up in his neck of the woods that it went through several waves of rain, torrential rain, sun, rain, torrential rain, sun, wash and repeat. The wind has blown here a good bit, and I could hear it through the phone when I spoke with him earlier this evening. It's just been a nasty day all around. But, it's another day that we have survived, so therefore it's definitely not all bad!

The pictures I'm giving y'all tonight comprise a whimsical picture in my living room, hanging on the wall above my 60 gallon aquarium, which shows a peaceful pond in a wooded pasture, a small dock extending out into the pond, and a joyful pig leaping off the dock to eventually dive into the water. It's just such a happy little picture! The hubs bought it for me either just before I bought the house or just after - I honestly can not remember which. The next picture is of a rain puddle up the street from when I walked Max this afternoon. You can see all the pollen collected on the edge and surface of the puddle. South Mississippi is going through our pollen season. It coats everything. The third picture is of my yellow parakeet, Rye, eating some seeds while the blue one, Whiskey, looks on. And then the last 3 pictures are of Max, who didn't feel much better today than I did. He was being very camera-shy when I took those photos, and it's obvious he didn't want that phone camera in his face. I wish I could make him feel better. I'd gladly feel 10 times worse myself just so he wouldn't.

In any case, this one isn't quite as short as yesterday's, at least. I hope everyone experiencing these storms stays safe, and that everyone has a great evening.


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