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Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday has come and gone, y'all! And I'm happy to kick its rear to the curb and get on with the rest of the week! Monday is always the worst day at work, although in all honesty, today wasn't just completely terrible. We normally get around 4,000 calls on a Monday, but I don't think we quite reached 3,000 today. We may have right at the end. Today started out with me not wanting to get up when my 4:30am alarm went off. But I got up, of course, and did my little morning routine before taking Max out for his walk around 4:50am. I think I woke up in a bad mood, because walking him I became really frustrated, all the dogs came out to see him, and then 2 of them - one chained up (grrr) and the other the German shepherd across the road from the one chained up, both had a howling/barking contest. That's a great way to not wake the neighbors. I finally got Max away from them and they calmed down, but then he became stubborn and refused to go anywhere, just wanted to stand still and stare at me because I took him away from his friends. I tried to make him come on, and ended up pulling his harness and leash completely off him! Then I got mad and walked over, snatched him up, and brought him back home instead of trying to finish the walk, since it was obvious he wasn't going to anyway. I then made him and myself breakfast, but starting Friday, he has gotten to where his appetite isn't what it was in the two weeks between his doctor visits. So all he'd eat was the chicken out of his rice and chicken, wouldn't touch the rice or the peas at all.

Later on, he went out with me to feed the chickens, but he didn't want to stay out long at all. But he also didn't want to be far from me today, so anytime I went anywhere, such as to the bathroom, into the bedroom, out in the kitchen, etc., he made sure he was right there with me. Most of the workday, he stayed in his little bed next to my work desk, and again, anytime I got up to go somewhere, he was right by my side. A couple of times, I put him on the bed, because I figured he'd be more comfortable there, and with my ACs on, I have a pair of heating pads on the bed (under a towel) for him and Maggie, since they're both cold-natured. But each time, he'd jump back down and come back out with me. On one of my breaks, I took some selfies on the floor with him. Man, I look so fat in those pics too! Like in one of them, where I'm looking at Max, who's looking back at me, I have no neck at all lol.

I went ahead and declared the bookshelf I was painting white as complete. I mean, it's just extra storage in my bathroom, it doesn't have to be perfection itself lol, so I figured it was good enough. The first two images below are of it in my living room when I was judging it good enough, and then in place in the bathroom with my bedclothes and a towel stored on it. I think it actually looks really good, despite my attempt at levity above. I'm rather proud of the job I did on painting it, and it now matches the rest of the bathroom decor.

The next to last image below is of Max stretched out on his back on the kitchen floor. He loves doing that sometimes and is so silly. It's one of the things I love most about him, how silly he can be. He reminds me a lot of myself in that way lol, because God knows, I can be very silly at times! Ask just about anyone that really knows me! Or just ask the hubby, he's the one that knows me the absolute best and knows just how silly I can truly be. And he loves me anyway, which is the true wonder of it all. Actually, it's not the fact he loves me despite how silly I can be, it's that he loves me despite how crazy and maniacal I can be. A couple years ago, we got into the HBO series Big Little Lies, and in the first season, one of the husbands sings a version of Elvis Presley's "The Wonder of You" (obviously the husband didn't actually sing it, lol, but it's a great version), and I always sing that to the hubby, because the lyrics are perfect. "When no one else can understand me, when everything I do is wrong, you give me hope and consolation, you give me strength to carry on, and you're always there to lend a hand in everything I do, that's the wonder, the wonder of you, and when you smile the world is brighter, you touch my hand and I'm a king, your kiss to me is worth a fortune, your love for me is everything, I guess I'll never know the reason why you love me as you do, that's the wonder, the wonder of you." (Legal stuff: Songwriters: Baker Knight, The Wonder of You lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group)

The last picture is a selfie I took of Max and me while I was typing out this entry. Despite appearances, he really hates having his picture taken lol, thus he was looking a little apprehensive in that image. He's my sweet little dumpling and he, Maggie, and the hubby have the entirety of my heart wrapped around them. I know, this took a turn for the mushy, but get over it lol, if you're going to read my blog, you're going to find I can be many, many things, and mushy is but one aspect of my whole. Hmm, speaking of my aspects and such, some of you may remember I had talked about wanting to try taking some clonazepam for 3 very specific reasons. I was unable to meet with the doctor Friday, March 5, when I went to see him due to an emergency he had, and then I was unable to keep my appt with him last Thursday due to policy changes at work that made it impossible for me to go. Since I couldn't, I ended up sending my doctor a message, outlining what I was asking for and why, and thus far I haven't heard anything back. However, I did notice activity on my pharmacy account. Evidently instead of prescribing the clonazepam, he appears to be prescribing two other medications. I won't name them yet, since I've not yet heard from him and the two medications are still "In Progress" - he may be having to get prior auths from my insurance, I dunno. At first, I was like, now why is he prescribing 2 others instead of what I requested, but then I got to looking into them and maybe, just maybe, they are more along the lines of what I need. But again, I'm going to refrain from naming them until I know more.

Ok, gentle reader, you've made it through this Monday entry so far with me, so I won't try to lead you down this path of my mind any more tonight. I hope you all have a fantastic evening and spend it with those you love, in spirit if nothing else. I'm going to go sit in my living room and watch some Netflix, snuggled up with Max and possibly Maggie as well (if she's feeling in the spirit). Until tomorrow!


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