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March 14, 2024

What up everyone? Dang, four entries in a row and in a single week! Did y'all win the lottery? lol If so, it was probably the lottery in the short story The Lottery, where the person who won the lottery was stoned to death. I feel like the winner of that lottery a lot, except that the stoning is very gradual, something done over a long period of time, like years and decades; killing me smalls, as they say. So I hope this Thursday finds everyone happy, healthy, and excited for the upcoming weekend! I have to work Saturday, but only 10-3, so I'll have the late afternoon and evening to spend with Steve and Ian. I'm so looking forward to seeing them. I only feel like part of myself when they're not here. They complete me and I hope I help to complete them.

Ever since I had to put my beloved dog, Max, to sleep, I'd felt like I had lost a friend. I debated for a few days if I was going to post about this or not, but figured I might as well. Curt and I have been friends for over 20 years, and we've had our ups and downs, periods of time where he'd stop speaking to me for weeks and months at a time, and occasionally I would do the same with him, but we'd always start talking again at some point. And maybe we will again, but I just don't know. When I had Max put to sleep, Curt was supportive (through texting - at that point, we hadn't seen each other in several months, but that's not his fault; he'd been to see me last, and I just never found the time to go see him), but then I wrote my tribute to Max and posted it here, sent him the link...and radio silence from him. That in itself isn't unusual, but considering the context, it was. I wasn't going to message him though until after he'd gotten back to me, but finally this past weekend I found a video that was hilarious, from someone playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and since he likes that game, I sent him the video. Nothing. Not a peep. That's when I figured he's lapsed into that realm of a George-free life.

Sunday, I went to Aldi's for the first time, after Steve and Ian had left, and I walked around it, thoroughly not impressed with it despite all the hype I've heard about Aldi's. It was small, the prices on regular stuff wasn't that different, they have weird brands (Clancey's potato chips...?) that were reasonably priced but who knows if those brands are good, etc. While walking around, however, I passed right by Curt. I stopped and almost spoke to him, but he went right on by as if he didn't even see me, and that's when I knew for sure that he has once more cut me out of his life completely. And I think I'm ok with that. Curt and I used to have lots in common, but as the years have gone by, I've become more liberal, he's become more conservative, and we just rarely see eye to eye on any issues anymore. I love him, I'll always love him, but it's probably for the best that we just aren't in each other's life. Doesn't mean I won't be there for him if he needs me, I'll always be there for him if he reaches out, but for now, things are for the best. I know he blames me for Max's death, as he's always been super critical of me any time I've had to put a pet down, and I honestly don't need that criticism in my life right now. I'm critical enough of myself on that score.

Today we have 12 images for your viewing pleasure. The first one is an azalea that I pass on my way to work. I noticed yesterday that it's in full bloom, so I had to take a pic of it. Azalea. Full bloom. March 13 (yesterday's date). What the hell? This has been a strange year. Steve is still convinced we'll have another frost/freeze before Easter, but the vegetation around here seems to think otherwise. The next image is at work, where my boss will begin doing wine tasting classes at some point, probably in April. This should be fun and interesting! And then there are 4 images of my cat, Maggie, who was trying to entice me to pay attention to her last night after I got home from work. In the last image, she had pretty much given up and was just relaxing lol.

The last 6 images will most likely make you sad. They are of Cody Redmond, who was a beautiful young male model with a promising future, but who had too many demons and died by suicide in 2022. I often think of him, especially when I myself am having dark thoughts, although fortunately those thoughts have taken a holiday from me for now. But thinking about the impact his death had on his family, his friends, his fans, helps me to keep a perspective of how it would be for the people in my life if I were to follow his suit. And that's one way I keep grounded and stay firmly on top of the ground where I belong. 🙃

So I suppose that's it for today! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and everyone stays topside where we belong! Love you all!


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