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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sadly, our weekend is coming to a close as I type this entry. It's Sunday evening, about 7:45pm (Central DST) here, and it's been a productive day! The hubby and I began our day cuddling for a bit before getting up, and then we went for breakfast at Hardy's (our usual), and then went to Lowe's. At Lowe's, I found what I hope to be the best soil for the Walstad aquarium I plan to set up in the 75 gallon tank. It's a type of raised bed soil that doesn't seem to have perlite (which I don't want/need in the tank) with lots of organic fertilizer, such as earthworm castings, and other organic debris. I didn't have to pay full price because there were a few bags that had gotten torn open and Lowe's gives a 50% discount on those bags. I also picked up some play sand to put as a topper to the soil in the tank. It surprised me how little a 50 pound bag of sand costs. Trying to get the same at an aquarium/pet shop would run 10x that amount!

I also picked up a tote that I should be able to use for the mealworm farm I want to start. However, looking at the prices of wheat bran on Amazon, umm, it's a little pricier than I was lead to believe from the website where I got the information. According to that website, the prices for wheat bran should be about 54 cents a pound. What I'm seeing on Amazon is anywhere from $4 - $17 a pound. I'll have to search local areas for it instead (and honestly, I'd rather spend locally when possible). I'm not really sure where to search locally for it, and for the mealworms themselves, I'll have to search and see what I can come up with.

We also took a trip to Walmart (ugh), and I had one thing in mind to get there - peas for Max's homemade dog food, since we're out. When we checked out and left Walmart, I had spent $50 and had nary a pea in my buggy! Didn't think about it at all until we got home. Oh well, I'll have to try and get some later this week. On the way home, we stopped and picked up some Panda Express, and were heartbroken that they were out of the honey walnut shrimp, which is what both of us always gets. Instead I got the teriyaki chicken and the honey sesame chicken, while the hubby got the angus beef pepper and the teriyaki chicken as well. After lunch, we went out in the backyard and built me a compost bin out of some cinderblocks I had stored in the back. It's pretty simple and not pretty to look at, but it'll get the job done. I have a plastic compost bin that's on legs and spins, but it holds only a very small amount and worms can't get to it there. But the one we put together this afternoon is wide open and clear for worms to come up through from the bottom. I'm considering buying some extra worms to toss in just to help the process. We put tree limbs, old potting soil, and other organic matter in so far, and of course I'll be tossing organic stuff from the kitchen out there as well. The only thing I won't be throwing out there is egg shells, since I have other uses for them (I mentioned that in a previous entry).

I also was productive in that I bought some white paint at Walmart and started painting a small bookshelf that I keep in my bathroom for extra storage. It was an ugly shade of cream and had decals on it left over from the previous owner. It's starting to look really good with the white paint on it. I was painting it out on the front porch, but had to let the current coats dry and bring it back inside since it's supposed to rain tonight. It has two removable/adjustable shelves, which I also of course painted. Pictures below of the main bookcase and then one of each of the shelves after the first few coats.

When I went out to take pictures of the compost bin, Maggie the cat followed me out, and one of the pictures below is of her stalking around out near the chicken coop. Have a great rest of your Sunday evening and let's prepare ourselves for the looming evil of Monday!


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