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Two Goats and a Donkey!

March 13, 2024

Wow, three entries in one week! What did y'all do to deserve this? lol My day started early, working from home for almost 3 hours this morning trying to catch a drop of Salt of the Earth moscato from the ABC website for the store. It didn't drop during that time, but the boss took over at 9:30, so hopefully he'll catch it when it comes down! Salt of the Earth, for those that don't know, is the most popular moscato (sweet wine), and goes pretty fast. 800 cases are supposed to drop today for each of the red and the white, and when they do drop, they will be gone within 5 minutes. So it's important to grab them right when they drop, but of course they don't give a time that they will drop, so you just have to be constantly checking on the computer. That's Mississippi craziness for you!

This morning, while checking on the moscato, I thought I'd photograph just a few of my favorite carded cars, all Hot Wheels, to post today. This doesn't cover all of my favorites, I just didn't want to get too carried away this morning lol. Photographing them carded offers a different challenge than photographing loose ones, as I have to be sure the lighting is just right without any glare on the plastic blister, etc. Not an easy thing, but then again, anything worth doing or having won't be easy.

The first 3 images are actually of myself. The very first one is my yearbook photo from USM (University of Southern Mississippi) from...a while ago. 😉 Then the next 2 are from this morning, with glasses off and with them on. And then we jump into the carded car pics, which don't really need any explanation! So enjoy the pics, enjoy your day, and I'll talk to y'all next time!


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