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Saturday, March 13, 2021

The weekend is here, and my gosh, it's about time! I had planned for today to be very productive but, alas, it was only mildly productive. I had planned to get a jump on setting up the 75 gallon tank for the Walstad method. I think I have found the type of potting soil I want to use in it, and I had planned to go to Lowe's and see if they carry that particular one (I think they do, but I can't remember for sure if that's where I'd gotten it from in the past). But, having my van loaded down with restaurant supplies makes it difficult for me to go get stuff I need to haul. Plus I just really wasn't feeling it today. So, instead of doing that, I decided to take Max on a walk. Now, years past, we used to walk along a nearby road that's a little secluded, has little traffic, and generally used to take us a good 45 minutes to an hour to walk down and back. Sometimes longer, depending on how much Max wanted to explore. As I said, it's been years since we've been down that road, and it has changed a little bit. One change is the amount of traffic. It's definitely increased since way back when. We had large dogs come out to us, as in the past, so that wasn't anything unusual. As we were crossing the little bridge over the creek, I did see a deer standing in the water. I tried taking a picture, but I didn't think to bring my good camera, and the phone camera didn't get a good image of it, but I'll be including it below anyway.

After the little bridge, a friendly but persistent large black puppy came out to greet us and wouldn't leave us alone. I tried getting it to go back home, but it wouldn't. As I was doing this, I noticed an older man with a young boy on a four wheeler parked by the road and just watching us. I greeted them, and the boy said, "Let me get that dog for you." So, he tried, but the dog wouldn't go to him (I've no idea if it was their dog or not, considering how the dog didn't want to go to the boy, and considering what the man said on our way back, I really don't think it was their dog). They watched us go around a curve (the puppy still following), and then we just walked some more, although Max was too interested in the puppy and not interested enough in this walk that was for his benefit. Finally I had enough and chased the puppy a bit to get it to go back home. I tried continuing on, but Max was no longer interested in walking. So much for his adventure. So we turned to start the walk back home. As we rounded that curve again, I heard the boy say, "There he comes!" I just rolled my eyes and watched while they parked the four wheeler by the road again so they could keep an eye on me. As I came closer to them, the man asked, "Where's your friend?" I told him the dog had gone on back home, and I really came close to telling him, "I don't plan on stealing anything, I live on the next block over. Would you like to see my driver's license?" But I didn't say any of that, I just kept on walking and thinking how sad and terrible that this neighborhood is now so suspicious of anyone just out walking their dog. Not too long after, I ended up picking Max up and carrying him most of the way back, set him down and let him walk a bit further, but then he didn't want to walk any more, so I carried him all the way back from there.

For the rest of the day, I ended up making Max his chicken and rice with peas, then made myself some spaghetti for dinner. In the process, I realized I had a dozen eggs and could give them to the neighbors across the street; I also found some extra food, such as a large can of diced chicken breast, and a bag of cheese, that I didn't really need, so I offered that to them as well. They were very grateful for the items, and I was glad to be able to give them some of the excess I had.

Since I mentioned this in yesterday's entry, Maggie has begun using her new litterbox, but I'm going to let her get used to it before I try putting the top back on it. And I don't know if I'll ever put the baffle back in place. I just don't think she'll ever use the box with that in place. I'm just happy that she's actually using it now and I no longer have to worry about her spraying urine against the walls by poking her butt too high up when she pees. If she pees over the top of the sides of this box, there's a problem, although, technically, she still can since the baffle isn't in place and she could pee through the front opening. Hopefully she won't though!

In other news, my entry for yesterday was delayed until this morning. I tried uploading it last night and I had trouble connecting to my web host server for file transfers. I was even unable to access the actual website itself when I tried (I use GoDaddy for my hosting). Figuring it's something that was just a glitch, I decided to hold off until this morning. Well, this morning I was also unable to access either one. I spent an hour waiting for a tech to come on chat so I could see about getting this resolved, but even though it kept telling me it was only a 30 minute wait, none actually came on. Just when I got really pissed off and decided I was going to call, suddenly everything started working again. What. The. Hell? This is the first time in many years of using GoDaddy that I've truly had any real issues, so I guess I'll not let it worry me, but if this had been a business site, instead of just a little vanity journaling/blogging site, I would have been REALLY steamed.

In any case, it's now 7:20pm, the hubby will be calling soon to let me know he's on his way down, and I need to wash some dishes and vacuum some floors before he gets here. Enjoy the pictures below, the first 2 are of Max, the next two are each side of the little bridge, the fifth is the deer if you can make it out, and the last is my weird cat, Maggie. Before anyone asks, the pink patch on her belly is from her spaying; the hair just never grows back on that spot. Have a great Saturday night, y'all, and thanks for reading my words here. It means a lot that people have an interest in what I have to say!


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