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March 12, 2024

Bonus entry for this week! Howdy y'all! Just thought I'd toss out a quick entry for this Tuesday since I've done so few entries for this year! Hope all is well with everyone! Today is my boss's birthday, so I got him a card that I'll give to him from the crew at work (although literally only one of them knows I got a card for him lol).

For the many pictures I chose to include today, I'll start out with 12 of my favorite loose cars (not including the Valentine's truck that has become my favorite because I included that in the last entry). Now I want to emphasise the "loose" aspect - I have cars that I like more than some of these in the pics, but they are not loose, they're still in the blister pack card. I'll photograph my favorite carded cars in an upcoming entry. The current ones include some Fast and Furious cars from a box set. I honestly don't give a shit about the Fast and Furious movie franchise, but I do like the cars lol. Those are the first 6 images. Next is from my convertible shelf, then a cute little Halloweeny-looking truck, and then the white version of what I call Wednesday's cars (Wednesday Addams). This car comes in the white version pictured and a black version. They just look like something she would drive, so I call it that lol. I plan, at some point once I learn how, to customize one of the cars (I think I have 4 of the white and 2 of the black) with a "W" for Wednesday instead of the "Ee" that's currently on there.

Next is one of my favorite loose Volkswagon cars. I have 2 versions of this bus, although 2 different manufacturers, so they're not variants of each other. I've always wanted to drive one of these little buses. I love my Sienna van, but it definitely doesn't rate as cool as one of these! Next are 2 fabulous old-timey trucks, either of which I'd be more than happy to drive as well! Then comes along an old-timey looking racer, then a Gasser car (there's a line with Hot Wheels called "Gassers"), this particular one called "Pass'n Gasser". And last, but certainly not least, is my dream car (at the moment anyway, until I actually test drive one lol), the Jeep Renegade. I've been in love with the Renegade since I first saw one many years ago. I'm sure it'll be like my love affair with the Toyota Rav4, that as soon as I test drive it that love with diminish and go away, but for the moment that love is strong!

Ok, now that the cars are done with, here's the Hunk of the Day, Tyler Caussey. His pictures basically fall into 2 categories, the younger Tyler and the more mature Tyler. He's hot as hell in both versions, but the mature Tyler is most definitely the sexier, to me anyway. He lives next door, in Alabama, and is probably the cause of all those heat waves we get here in the South! Haha! Anyway, his Instagram page has a lot of nice images of him. He no longer models, but is actually a car salesman now, so if you're lucky enough to buy a car from him, tell him one of his Mississippi fans says hi!

And that's it for today! Have a fantastic Tuesday and be safe, happy, and healthy!


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