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Friday, March 12, 2021

Today started out with my taking Max, my dog, to his vet to get another ultrasound on his liver. The masses in his liver do not appear to have grown any, which is a blessing, so that hopefully means the issue is not that of cancer. That would mean he'd have closer to the best case scenario of up to another year of life. He's been kind of all over the spectrum for today. This morning, he was energetic and eager to get outside, yet he wouldn't poop. He was very finicky on his breakfast, eating only the chicken and leaving the rice and peas. And he was loudly flatulent this morning. He hates riding, so he was subdued while heading to the vet's, and once there, he wanted to explore all over outside but I had to carry him inside. We got checked in, and he refused to walk to the exam room, so I had to carry him again. Once we were in the room and the nurse came in, unmasked, it dawned on me that I, too, was unmasked! I was horrified, but when I offered to go get my mask (telling this to an unmasked nurse, now), she waved it aside. As it turns out, most of the staff have decided to forego masks thanks to a certain brainless governor's decree that they are now unnecessary. Now I myself have been vaccinated, so I should be fine, but I can always be a carrier and pass it along to others, so I really don't know how in the world I managed to completely forget the mask. But anyway, it's behind me now and I made sure when I went to Sam's this evening for the hubby's restaurant needs, and to Target afterwards for myself some items, that I wore it then.

Before going to Sam's, I met a friend, Phillip, for dinner at Rio Grande, a Mexican restaurant in Hattiesburg. And my oh my, we had a rather attractive young man as our waiter. He was very friendly too and we ended up chatting a little bit, introducing ourselves all around. And yes, I'm very much taken, but I'm not dead and I can certainly look! And I will say I don't think there was any air whatsoever between his tight jeans and his skin! He was all but poured into those pants! So we did learn his name, but I won't mention it here for protection of his privacy. He was a great waiter too, and we rewarded him with $5 tips from both of us. We've already decided we must go back very soon lol. I had a dish there that I love that I've not had in some time, the Steak al la Michuacan, which is a ribeye steak, on a bed of onions and peppers, with shrimp on top with melted cheese, and comes with rice and refried beans. It is so good! It was great eating with my friend, catching up on our lives (although honestly, he reads this blog, so he already knows what's going on with me lol, every time I went to say something, he'd say "Yep, you blogged about it" lol), and just spending some time together. I also took him a few of my farm-fresh eggs so he could try them. He said the store-bought eggs he has now smell "lemony" when he opens the carton. I'm not quite sure why they would, unless they use lemon-scented water to clean the eggs lol. But I'm awaiting his verdict on how he likes the fresh ones compared to the store-bought.

While I was at Target, I ran into an old friend from my USM (University of Southern Mississippi) days when I worked there in the IT department. Although she was in a hurry (her hubby was waiting out in the car), we caught up on each other's lives. It was great seeing her after all this time. I guess this evening was the time for meeting up with old friends lol. I'm surprised I didn't run into more people I know, although when I was leaving Sam's, a car stopped and the female driver yelled "Hey George!". I stopped, looked in, had no idea who it was (the light was very bad), so I just yelled back, "Hey there!" She said, "It's been a while!" and I responded with "It really has!" I really wish I had a clue who that was lol! It's not the first time this particular situation has happened, and I guarantee it won't be the last!

In other news, I had ordered a new type of litterbox for Maggie off Amazon, and it arrived today. Her old one was one with low sides, and I've had issues lately with her peeing out of the box as a result. So the one I bought has high sides, a cover, and a baffle at the side entrance that lets her enter, but not leave that way, her exit is then through a hole in the cover. As yet, she has failed to try using it, so I ended up taking off the cop and removing the baffle for now until she gets used to it. If she gets used to it. The picture I include below is after I'd removed the top and baffle. The top is leaning next to it against the wall, the baffle is out of the picture (but it's just a clear plastic piece that fits into the front opening). Even without the top, the tall sides should prevent her urination to escape the box. And hopefully she'll become used to it and I can return the top and the baffle - in stages - to the box.

The pictures below are of Maggie helping me on the phones this afternoon, Max waiting impatiently for me to get off work to take him for his walk, the third picture is, of course, Maggie's new litterbox, and then the next three pictures are of Max and myself taking a selfie while I was writing this entry. So enjoy the pics, I hope today's entry was entertaining for you, and have a fantastic weekend!


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