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March 10, 2024

Howdy everyone! It's me again! Second entry for this month, y'all must be living right! Haha! Anyway, had another wonderful weekend with the boys, Steve and Ian, and look forward to next weekend when we can do it all over again! Only difference is, I'll be working next Saturday, but only from 10-3, so the rest of the day can be spent with them. We plan to have dinner with our friend, Cathy, next Saturday as well. We haven't seen her since the Christmas party we attended, so it's definitely time to catch up again!

This weekend saw us going to Moselle to the plant nursery there, where I purchased a couple of petunias, even though I no longer have any interest in plants. But I'm hoping to spark that interest again! I also got a beautiful dahlia from Lowe's yesterday as well. Maybe that interest will flare up again! It did long enough for me to want to get those 3 plants, so hopefully it'll take off once again. I really need to take care of my yard again too. It needs mowing desperately, and I finally was able to get outside to try and crank the mower, but it wouldn't turn over at all. I did see the battery has some corrosion on it, so Steve thinks if I disconnect the battery and scrape off the corrosion that maybe it'll start. I may try doing that Monday morning.

Also, after leaving Moselle, we decided to stop in Petal for lunch and to visit the Walmart there. We had lunch at Jack's, which none of us had ever had before. It was really good! Steve and I each got the ranch bacon cheeseburger with fries, while Ian got the chicken tenders. His tenders were mainly breading with a little meat in them, but they were good regardless, and the burgers had plenty of meat and were delicious! We'll definitely go back to Jack's!

So let's get right into the photos below! The first 2 are the same picture, I just cropped around myself for the second picture. This was from June 30, 1992, at a friend's house, 32 years ago!!! I was 25 at the time. Unbelievable how all that time has passed so quickly! It's really like that song, "One Hundred Years", where each year is but a moment. You blink and that moment is gone! Next is a picture of Maggie looking so pretty, and then one of her and I after I'd gone to bed Friday night. I took that pic to send to Steve and Ian, since they were still up in Steve's bedroom, just to show them how quickly Maggie came in to sleep with me.

Next we enter the male model segment of this entry! Now that I'm finally pulling out of my depression, I'm enjoying the male form once again! Some of these guys are from Instagram, some from Facebook, but all of them have caught my eye, so I figured I'd share with my 2 readers as well lol. The first 8 are of Reece Caldecourt, taken by Jake O'Donnell. Super, super hot! The next 3 are unknown to me, just happened to run across them and really liked them! The next 3 are of a gentleman only known as Giacomo, and he's just so cute!

Next are four images of Thomas Keal, a straight guy who doesn't mind being ogled by gay guys (he even has an OnlyFans, although for the most part if you want to see the "jewels", you have to pay extra) and is hot as hell! And then come along 3 random hot guys from Facebook, I believe, just posted in a couple of groups I'm in. The third guy doesn't believe in leaving anything to the imagination lol, so I'm sure that picture didn't last very long on Facebook!

Next we enter into some of my Hot Wheels. For those of you that don't remember, I started collecting in December, and I have a semi-decent collection so far. I really need to look more into storage and display options for my cars. So far, storage is one of my dresser drawers, and display thus far is a small city diorama I have set up on an old aquarium stand outside Steve's bedroom (I believe I've posted that picture previously) and 2 acrylic shelves hanging in my kitchen, which is the last picture in the Hot Wheels section. The first 4 pictures are of 2 Jeep Gladiators that I have. At work one night last week, DJ and I were talking about the Jeep pickup and I mentioned how much I liked them, then he called them a Gladiator. I didn't even realize that's what they were called lol, and I felt a bit dumn not already knowing it! Then a day or so later, I remembered the conversation, and checked out my two Jeep trucks, and sure enough, "Gladiator" is right there in print! I evidently don't check out my cars often enough! Next is a set of four Hot Wheels I got at Target Friday morning, and after that is a pic of the 6 favorites I got this weekend. Two of the Target Four are included in the second pic. Also included in that second pic are 2 variants of the Malibu car. One I found at Target, the other was at the Walmart in Petal.

The next four Hot Wheels is a 2024 Holiday Celebration truck, the 1978 Dodge Li'l Red Express Valentine's Day truck. It has become my absolute favorite Hot Wheels thus far. I'm totally in love with it! On the door, it says "Will U Be My Valentine", with the "Valentine" centered below the "Will U" and above the "Be My". Great design, love the Valentine theme, and just love love love this truck! The last image in the Hot Wheels section is of my 2 acrylic display shelves that have become pretty full!

The next 56 images are all taken at Coleman Nursery in Moselle, MS. Just pictures of flowers and a few other things (tree, tractor, etc) that caught my eye, including pics of Steve and Ian. The following 19 images are from Lowe's in the garden center. Then there are 2 pictures of Steve wearing Ian's hat, the angelic pose and the devilish one lol. This morning (Sunday), we went to Home Depot, where I got the next 6 images of hydrangea and a plant simly called stock.

The next image is of the corrosion on my lawnmower battery, and then there are several pictures of chickens that the neighbor behind me just lets roam all over the neighborhood without any consideration of their neighbors. Selfish people, those who are "Yay for me and the hell with you" (as heard on one of my podcast episodes), really annoy the fucking shit out of me. But I digress. 😄

After Steve and Ian left, I decided to run over to Aldi's, since I'd never been there. It really wasn't what I was expecting, but I did find a deli pizza for $7.49 that I decided to try. That's the next picture after the chickens. And was ok, definitely not something either Ian or Steve would enjoy, as it was a cardboard pizza, but it was fine for me. Sometimes I just really like a good cardboard pizza lol. The next images are of the 2 petunias and the one dahlia that I got. The petunias were from Coleman Nursery, the dahlia from Lowe's. I wonder if the first petunia in the pictures will retain the pattern or if it'll revert to a solid color? Guess I'll find out! And then the last image is of my parakeets, since they get so little attention lol.

Ok, and that's it! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and will have a fantastic upcoming week! Until next time, be safe, be happy, be kind!


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