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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Happy Wednesday, y'all! One week ago today, I started this little journal/blog/whatever you want to call it, and it's been such a profound therapy for me, a way to express some of my creativity, a way for me to get my mind off my dog, Max, and his issues, and gives me something to look forward to doing at the end of my work shift. Speaking of Max, he kind of went through some extremes today. He started out being chipper and acting almost normal, then went through stages where he just slept most of the day or just lay around looking depressed. I went out a couple of times this morning and he didn't even offer to join me. When I took my official morning break at 10:30, I made him come out back with me and he walked around, checking things out, but was ready to come back in. On my lunch break, at 11:30, I took him for a walk so he could "do his business", as my mom used to say. After lunch, he was rather subdued for the afternoon until about an hour before my shift ended, and then he was being demanding and insisting he had to go out for his evening walk. Of course, when we went on that walk, he was more interested in being social with the big dogs down the street than with doing what he should be doing. Medication-wise, he's now down to just one prednisone a day, plus his big blue Denamarin once a day. I'm also giving him some canine CBD oil that a good friend sent me. It arrived Monday, so he's had 4 doses now - one Monday evening, one Tuesday morning, one Tuesday evening, and then one this morning. He'll be getting his evening dose in a couple of hours here. I'm not sure if it's really helping or not, but it definitely can't hurt. And he doesn't hate taking it like he did that liquid gabapentin. Taking that was so traumatic for him.

The first two pictures below are of him, where he was lying between my work chair and my kitchen table, patiently awaiting some attention. The next four are of the Golden Comets. One is a "selfie" of one of the hens, then next is a selfie of the hen and myself. The one after that is a closeup of the beautiful pattern on the hind-end of one of the hens, and the last picture is of the pattern on the neck of a different hen. Golden Comets vary quite a bit somewhat in their patterns, I presume in part because they are a hybrid breed. Golden Comets are produced from a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen. The seventh and eighth images below are what the rooster and hen that produce Golden Comets look like. Which both breeds are beautiful in and of themselves! My Golden Comets are very tame, allowing me to pick them up, pet them, and just walk amongst them. However, they do have a couple of annoying habits. One is that they tend to be skittish, so if I carry in a pail they're not exposed to on a daily basis, they tend to get upset and fly around the coop to get away. The other annoying habit is that sometimes when I'm trying to step into the coop, or occasionally when I reach down to pet or pick up a hen, she'll cower with her wings spread out. I immediately soothe the hen when she does this, and then she'll "ruffle her feathers" afterwards. The only reason the cowering part is annoying is because they will not move in this position. So if they do it when I'm opening the coop door, I can't get in until I reach down and gently move the hen(s) away. If my hands are full with their food, or their waterer, or whatever, that can be a little, well, annoying. Can I possibly use the word "annoying" any more than I have? lol

The parakeets today decided to be just as raucous as they possibly could, and occasionally I had to speak up and talk more than I had intended on a call just to drown them out. What bee got in their bonnet today, I've no idea. I gave them fresh food and water this morning, so maybe they were just thrilled by that. In any case, they're quiet now that the work day is done and I'm just sitting here relaxing while writing up this entry. At this point, I'm just waiting on the hubby to call (he's had a stressful day, from what he texted me earlier), and I think I'm going to wrap this up and go watch a little Netflix until he calls. Oh, and I am working on getting a bonus entry all about the Golden Comets written up, since I had the one about my long-gone Rhode Island Reds. Funny thing is, I thought I'd have fewer pictures of the Golden Comets, but in fact, I had 90 of the Rhode Island Red, but will have over 100 of the Comets. Who knew? So anyway, gentle reader, have a wonderful evening cuddling with those you love (even if it's just yourself, you are worthy of being loved, never doubt that for a moment), and look forward to when I get the bonus Comet content all written up (probably by this weekend). Until tomorrow!


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