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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Monday has been left behind, although it tried riding on Tuesday's coattails today! Work today was rather interesting, to say the least. But I'd rather not discuss work today. I'd rather discuss other things. On both of my fifteen minute breaks, and on my thirty minute lunch break, I was able to get outdoors and enjoy the absolutely remarkable weather we had today! It was fan-freaking-tastic! Max and Maggie went out into the backyard with me when I went to gather eggs, and I even was able to let them sit out on the front porch for a while this morning in the sun while I was taking calls. When Max is ready to come in, he'll come to the door and yip for me, and when he's ready to come in, Maggie is also ready. I don't let her go out on her own (except on the porch, since she won't leave it) because she's declawed. I adopted her from an event Southern Pines Animal Shelter had going on at Petsmart in November, 2016, and she was a surrender who'd been declawed by her former owner. So, her outside activities are extremely limited. In fact, it wasn't until just a few months ago that I started letting her go outside at all, and that of course was very closely surpervised. I didn't trust her at all at first, but slowly she gained my trust. Now, however, she's starting to lose my trust a bit, as when I let her go off the front porch, she starts making a beeline out towards the road. Gotta be on my guard with her. She's too precious for me to lose her to stray dogs or anything else out there.

I gathered my usual 5 brown eggs today from the 6 Golden Comets. I generally have 2 eggs for breakfast each morning, so the remaining 3 from each day build up until I have a dozen to give to the neighbors. Sometimes it's less than a dozen, sometimes more, depending on which neighbors. My single neighbor to my south and the other single neighbor to my north, I give them usually 6-10 eggs each time since they are, as stated, alone. The neighbors across the street are a 7-member family, so they get at least a full dozen each time, occasionally 18 when I've built up enough. And the other family of 4, just to the south of the neighbors directly across the street, usually get a dozen. I may have to raise more pullets into productive hens to be able to supply all my neighbors with farm-fresh eggs lol. When I went to see the doctor in Purvis last week, I took a dozen to my friend, Karen, who runs the front desk. So my fresh eggs get around! I'd love to go ahead and start another flock, honestly. I'd love to go with either some Whiting True Green chickens, or even Whiting True Blue, to get olive green or light blue eggs. Or French Black Copper Marans for those deep, deep chocolate-brown eggs. Now, I had to place an online order with Tractor Supply today, and went to pick it up after work, and while I was there, I saw a chicken coop I'd love to have. It's approximately 7 feet x 4 feet, has a corrugated roof and a small chicken house built into it. I'll include pictures below. I may have to consider getting it, although it would probably only hold about 4 chickens comfortably. It includes a run area under the little house for more space.

Pictures below include my backyard thermometer, which at 7am showed a temperature of 34F, while the smaller thermometer on my front porch showed a temperature at the same time of 40F. Now I doubt there's a 6 degree difference between my front yard and my backyard, but I think the reason the one on the front porch registers higher is a) the warmth from the house probably affects it, and b) the sun hits it more directly than the larger one out back, so it warms it up too. This is actually why I recently got the larger one for the backyard, so I can get better temperature readings! I also have included a picture of my rex betta, Rex, and his perfect reflection on the undersurface of his tank, and yes, he has a ton of snails in his tank, as well as a picture of Maggie on the back steps and a couple of Maggie and me sitting on the back steps. And with that, I am off! I hope you've enjoyed my little ramblings for today, that you, gentle reader, had a fantastic day, and that you'll join me tomorrow for even more shenanigans (or what-have-you lol). Good night!


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