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Monday, March 8, 2021

Today. What can I possibly say about today? Today was one of the Mondayest Mondays ever. But even in the midst of the Monday blues, one can always find joy. Today started out rough, with our queue being pretty high from the get-go. But we muscled on through the morning, managing to encounter only a few real downers on the phones, until my mid-morning break. On my break, I went out back with Max and Maggie and checked for eggs in my chicken pen. I had gotten one this morning when I fed them around 7am, and they had four more awaiting me on my break. When I stepped into the pen, I picked one of the hens up, holding her in my palm. She was just as calm as could be while I held and talked to her. It's so calming to be able to go out and interact with the chickens on my break, giving me some peace of mind and collecting my wits and thoughts to be able to go back in and last through the rest of the morning until my lunch break.

On my lunch break, I snuggled with Max for a bit, but then I discovered an infestation of fleas on him. I use Frontline every month, and it wasn't that long ago that he got a dose of it, but it just seems the Frontline is less and less effective every month. So, poor Max got that thing he hates more than anything else in the world - a bath. I have a galvanized, 18 gallon tub that I use for him, so I got it set up on the kitchen counter, filled it about 1/4 full of warm water, and plopped him in there. He got his usual bath, then I took him out and wrapped him in towels to dry him off. And just in time, since my lunch break was over, so I had to hop back on the phones. He stayed wrapped up in the towels for a while until he thought he was dry enough, then he went over to lay in his little bed next to my work desk.

My midafternoon break, I again took Max and Maggie outside, gave the chickens their afternoon scratch grain, checked for eggs again (none this time, and I really didn't expect any since I'd gotten 5 this morning), then sat for a few minutes in one of my wrought iron chairs, enjoying the beautiful weather in my backyard until it was time to go back inside again and get back on the phones. Maggie decided to help me a little bit with the phones this afternoon. She helped get me through to 5pm, at which time I quickly logged and clocked out, then got Max harnessed up and took him for his evening walk. After that, the hubby called, and while I was talking with him, I took a dozen eggs across the street to my neighbor. And then I came back inside and worked on the extra bonus entry about the Rhode Island Red chickens, which is very graphics-heavy. This entry I'm writing now will only have 3 pics, one of the Golden Comet in my hand, one of me relaxing outside on my break, and one of Maggie helping me on the phones.

Since the bonus entry was very time-consuming, I'm going to keep this entry short. I hope everyone had a fantastic day, and I hope your evening is going smoothly as well. Have a wonderful night, gentle reader, and I'll talk to you again on the morrow.


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