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Thursday, March 4, 2021

So today's been pretty interesting, although it started out somewhat sad. I was sad because Max, my dog with the liver disease, wasn't feeling at all well this morning. I tried to make him as comfortable as I could when I started the work day, and on my mid-morning break, he just wanted to snuggle with me. He ended up sleeping most of the day, probably due more to the liquid gabapentin I have to give him for the pain than anything else. It's really breaking my heart so badly what's going on with him. I try not to think about the future for the time being simply because I know he won't be a part of it with me.

But, moving on, my work day is over and I'm about to go sit in my recliner and snuggle with Max (and probably Maggie, the cat) for the rest of the evening, and await my hubby's phone call. Steve (whom I call my hubby) and I have been together for over 14 years in a long distance relationship. It's tough sometimes, but when you're in love you can overcome any obstacle. (Please don't throw up too much over that sentiment lol.)

I did have some good news today. Back in January I had placed an order with a company that makes home decor out of thin steel. The CEO of the company is a military veteran who was also a male model for a few years. Wanting to help support our vets, I ordered something for myself and something for my hubby. After a few weeks without hearing back, I attempted to contact the company to see what was going on. My attempts proved futile, as every time I tried I'd get no response. They advertise on Facebook all the time, so I tried leaving comments there since nothing else was working. Every single comment I left was deleted within a couple of minutes. Finally in desperation I contacted PayPal, since I had paid through them. They looked into the matter and this morning they found in my favor and refunded the money that the company, for all intents and purposes, stole from me. I'd much rather have had the items instead of the refund, and if it was simply a case of being behind on production, just letting me know something would have been fine. I really hate that it had to end up this way, but after a month and a half, it's obvious he doesn't care about his customers' satisfaction, which really just depresses me. Why would he even be advertising so much and trying to get more business if he doesn't really care about delivering what he supposedly stands behind?

In other news, I think it's pretty stupid that the republican governors of Mississippi and Texas have decided to throw the states wide open and declare an end to the mask requirement. I mean, seriously? Not nearly enough people have been vaccinated, and the low numbers right now are more than likely a result of the ice storms the south endured where no one could get out and congregate - so of course infection rates dropped during that time and 2-3 weeks later are showing lower numbers.

One thing I haven't mentioned throughout my big 2 days of journaling is that I have a small flock of 6 chickens out in my back yard. They are a hybrid breed, Golden Comets, and they give me 4-6 large brown eggs per day. I've been sharing my excess with my neighbors, and they all seem pretty happy with them. Farm fresh eggs are definitely the best tasting eggs ever! And of course, in true farmer tradition, I don't refrigerate the eggs, nor do I wash them until just before I use them. That being said, I do of course remove any actual dirt or debris from the eggs before storing them on the countertop, but that's as far as I go. In any case, I've rambled long enough in tonight's journal entry. Have a good night, anyone actually reading this, and may you be blessed with a calm, restful night and plenty of energy in the morning!


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