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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Hello everyone! Sorry for the quickie post yesterday, I just wanted to get something out since it'd been over a week from my last post. Which was also short lol. Anyway, I just thought I'd talk some about what's been going on.

The weekend before this last one, Steve and I went to Mobile. We'd been the week before that one as well and he'd found a pair of small cherub statues that he liked but didn't get. So that was the purpose of the second trip, he'd decided he wanted them and was going to get them if they'd take less for them than the price marked. And they did! So we loaded them up into his truck (yes, he actually drove!), and then we went to another shop, this one a consignment shop that mostly deals with antiques and/or vintage items that people drop off to be sold rather than they maintain an actual booth there. So one thing I saw, which of course I had to take a picture of, is a rather unique glass-top table with a group of zebras as the legs. It's pretty interesting, and if I had a theme of wildlife going on in my dining room (and if I had a dining room lol), I would consider possibly getting it. Then I saw the price. Holy moly! $32,500 for that table! That's more than my house cost!

My silver-laced Wyandotte hen typically lays smaller eggs than my golden comets do, but the other day one of the comets laid an egg so huge! The photo really doesn't show the true size difference in the two eggs, although it does give some idea of the difference. I feel sorry for the hen that laid that big egg! And no, it wasn't a double yoke as I thought it might me, it was just freakin' huge!

This past weekend the hubs and I went to the Wine and Whiskey Festival at Canebrake. We were able to go through the generosity of my boss, and we had a wonderful time! We tried several different wines and spirits, but our favorites were, of course, the sweeter wines. I did enjoy the Jameson Irish whiskey orange, as it doesn't have the bite of most whiskeys and I could sip on that throughout an evening, I think. I saw several people that I know there, but although I drove, Steve had to drive us to Panda Express, where we had a late dinner afterwards. Once I had some food in me to absorb the alcohol, I was able to drive us home from there. It was a great evening!

The next picture is my favorite wine, Ricco mango moscato. I just love it and, as Steve says, I can "drink it like water" lol. I always recommend it to customers looking for a sweeter wine, although it's really semi-sweet, and thus we always go through a case of it pretty quickly. Hopefully there's some on order, since we only have 3 bottles left at the store. And then we just recently started carrying some flavored Duplin cotton candy wine. We've always carried the regular cotton candy by Duplin, but now we carry blueberry cotton candy, peach cotton candy, and lime cotton candy. I've yet to try them. I do like the regular cotton candy, although it's not in my top 10, so I'm sure I'll like these others too whenever I get around to trying them.

The last 3 pictures are of my cat, Maggie, in one of her preferred positions while laying on her heating pad (with a towel between her and the pad), then a picture I took with my iPhone of the night sky. That's a patch of space between two sheets of clouds. I thought it was pretty neat, but the phone didn't capture it perfectly, of course. It looked much better in person. And last, but by no means least, is a pic of the hubby, Steve, at Dickey's bbq restaurant. He hates when I take his picture lol. Well, that's it for this post. Have a great day and see you soon!


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