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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hello all! Sorry I've waited so long going into June to post, but it's been a hell of a few weeks! Since the last time I posted, we've had the long Memorial Day Weekend, when Ian, Steve, and I went to Mobile that Saturday. And somehow we got LOST on the way there! I mean, I've been driving down to Mobile for at least 12, maybe 14, years, and it's always been a straight shot once you get on 98E to go straight to Schillinger Avenue. But once we entered Alabama, nothing looked right. I didn't see the reservoir, didn't see Wilmer or Semmes, didn't see anything at all that looked familiar. So we ended up having to GPS our way to the flea market on Schillinger only to find out that we had somehow gotten north of Mobile! Hours later (we talked about it all day, much to Ian's chagrin), we went back home the way we normally would have gone and discovered they had changed an intersection; whereas before, you would go straight on 98E (which becomes Moffett Road at that point, I believe), NOW you have to take a sharp right to continue on the highway, otherwise you're on Highway 158 and heading away from your destination. Fucking ridiculous that they did it that way!

Anyway, first we stopped at a little flea market/antique shop on Schillinger on the way down to the big flea market. We found a few good bargains there, then on to the big one, where Ian and I both found a very few things. From there, we went to lunch and then on to Antiques at the Loop, about 9-10 miles away on Airport Road. We spent some time there, then we hit the Antique Emporium on Florida St before heading back home. Once home, we decided on Olive Garden for dinner, and it was really good. We had a funny waitress who went by the name of Wednesday, and who actually looked a bit like her! Not something you'd expect in Hattiesburg! All in all, we had a great, if exhausting, day! Since it was a long weekend, Ian and Steve stayed until Monday morning. They left early because I had to work that day, but the weekend was perfect!

The following weekend, we went to the Lucky Rabbit that morning and had a blast there. Loved the displays set up of Stranger Things and Schitt$ Creek! Of course, the only things I bought were plants lol, a lovely calathia for my kitchen, and a pepperomia for Steve. I don't think Ian got anything from there, but I honestly can't remember. Then that weekend was over and we were back at our regular weekdays.

This past weekend I had to work, so our time together was limited. Before going to work, we ran by Stepping Stones, a garden center in Oak Grove. It's always fun going there. Then we went to Target so Ian could check out dolls and I could check out Hot Wheels. We had a quick lunch at Panda Express, then we went home so I could get ready for work. At work, I did a "class" on sweet wines, which Steve and Ian attended (Ian as a bystander - bysitter? - since he doesn't drink). It went much better than I thought it would despite a "shaky start" with 3 people coming late and one no-show. There was much wine drinking, much conversation, and much laughter, not to mention people purchased some of the wines. I was really nervous about doing it, but I shouldn't have been - it went very well! Normally on Saturdays that I work, I'll order a pizza from Papa John's for Steve and Ian, they'll go pick it up, then I'll have some of it after I get off work and go home. This week, though, we tried something different - they waited until I got off work, and we went to McAllister's for a late dinner.

Sunday, we went to a strip mall in Oak Grove, where Ian went to Target (again), and Steve and I went to Home Goods. Afterwards, we went to PetCo since I needed dechlorinator for my neglected aquarium, then we had lunch at Zaxby's. After lunch, we went home and then went to the fruit stand in separate vehicles since Steve and Ian were leaving directly from there. I got a yellow-meated watermelon which ended up not being very good. Even the critters in the backyard haven't been eating on it. I was highly disappointed in it. Anyway, that brings us to now! I'm not going to describe the pictures below, except for the first 2 and only because they are memes lol. The first is a what Trump would compain about if he were the captain of the Titanic, and the second is a true story about gay guys and lifeguards lol. Oh, I will say the next 2 pictures are of this camouflaged car at the big Schillinger flea market. Oh, one more thing to say. The very last 2 pictures are my attempts at sketching lol, so be kind about them!

As before, I separated the male model pictures onto a second page, click here to see the eye candy. Enjoy!

Ok gang, have a great day and see you next time!


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