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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Good evening, folks! Look at this, only 2 days since my last blog entry and I'm already doing another one! Maybe I can keep my resolution to blog more consistently...or just more in general at least lol! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend! Mine was wonderful, got to be with my hubby, although he did have to go home earlier than usual today, but I savor and treasure every moment we have together.

Last night, we had dinner with a friend, then went to his house where we played a game he introduced us to known as Farkle. We've been playing it for months with him now. At one point last night, the hubs was winning, he crossed over 10,000 and theoretically would have won the game - but I rolled after him and I was about 2000 points behind, which meant I really didn't have a chance. Damned if I didn't roll 2 three-of-a-kinds which was worth 2500 points! He was so mad! But he won the second game, so he was alright lol. The first image of 3 below is from when I rolled 2100 points - 5 of a kind is 2000, then the 1 is worth 100. I was proud of that roll, as it's actually less likely than the 2 three-of-a-kind rolls.

The other two pictures are of the babies, Maggie the cat and Max the dog. I love my babies, and they love me. In fact, they hate to be separated from me. God forbid I should go into the bathroom and shut the door! Max will come and woof outside the door wanting me to open it, whereas Maggie just screams outside the door like she's in physical pain because she can't get to me. I can definitely feel the love!

I've decided to start a podcast based on this blog. The podcast will help me to stay focused on actually updating the blog, and it will give me an entirely new way to talk to you wonderful people! I know podcasts should generally be focused in nature, but it's going to be more like this blog and just jump around to different things. It'll have the same name, Two Goats and a Donkey, and I hope to get the first episode out within the next 2-3 weeks. There's so much I need to learn!

Ok, not a whole lot to write this time around, just wanted to make sure I got something out there! I hope everyone has a wonderful night and see you next time!


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