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Friday, January 21, 2022

Wow! I'd never intended 6 months to go by without writing up an entry for this blog! I think one reason I ended up almost (ok, forget almost) abandoning it was due to the excessive pictures I felt I had to do with each entry. The task of editing the pictures just took too much time, so I said fuck it and didn't bother doing any more of them lol. So, while there will be pictures with these entries, there won't be a fuck-ton of them either, except possibly on special occasions. And not every entry will have pictures. In theory lol. But anyway, my apologies for virtually disappearing for 6 months! I'll try to get caught up on everything in this post!

So last we spoke, my IBS was starting to be a bit better and I had just started a new job and had just started in the quail business and also was starting up a personal assistance business. So, here are updates on all of those.

New job: I've now been working at the upscale liquor store for 6 months, and I do love it. The work is actually pretty exciting, I love the routine of the store, and I love my boss and coworkers. Unfortunately, I had covid the first week of January (yay, covid!), and ended up losing a whole week of work due to it. I did have the vaccination (the first 2, I haven't had the booster), and I truly believe the vaccination is why I only lost a week's work. I really think it would have been more brutal without the vaccine. But, while I still have some lingering problems (still can't fully smell certain things like bleach and a few alcohols, and I also do not have the physical upper body strength I had before covid), overall I've completely recovered. And, like I said, the job is going great, I'm getting more responsibility at the store, and I truly do love working there.

Quail business: It started out good, I built cages for the quail, I had two separate hatchings of quail eggs, I even slaughtered three quail that I'd gotten in Mobile (I'd bought three at the flea market down there to get acquainted with quail, and named them Ricky, Lucy, and Ethel, although later on I saw that Ricky loved Ethel and hated Lucy, so I changed Ricky's name to Fred) to learn how to do it and because they were pretty much non-productive. But then I ran into the problem of not having the money I needed to truly get set up in the quail business (money for cages, food, hatching eggs, etc), so I ended up giving the quail away to my neighbor and selling him the cages I'd made for about half of what I'd paid for the materials to build them. That was 2 months ago and they are still sitting in my backyard. I don't know when he'll move them, but I do know he's trying now to get rid of them. Oy vey. I could have sold them and at least broken even, but he wanted them so I let him have them at a loss to myself. I've regretted that decision in the last month or so. One day I plan to start up a quail farm, or maybe a rabbit farm, just some type of farm, as I feel so drawn to having farm animals. I just need to be able to make a living at it!

Personal assistant business: Ha! Never even got off the ground!

IBS: Since working at the liquor store, and being so active there, my IBS has gotten much better in many ways. I still have issues, but actually since I no longer take Linzess (way too expensive since I no longer have insurance), I'm more regular than I was, although the Linzess did ensure I went in the morning, but then I'd not be able to go again all day. I'm not sure if that was better than now or not, since the Linzess did pretty much empty me out. TMI, am I right? 😃 Per my other issues, I've not kept up with them or their maintenance, so we'll see what transpires there. My GI doctor has been after me to come in for scans on my Barrett's Esophagus and my fatty liver (stage 2 fibrosis), but I don't have the money for that. It'll have to wait.

Other things: Well, let's see, what else has been going on? The hubs and I are doing well, but of course still living apart which I hate. I told him my resolution this year is that we live together or at least live in the same city. That's probably yet another resolution destined to die. As I stated above, I had covid the first week of January. I had lost all ability to smell and partial ability to taste; as far as I know, the taste is fully back, but only most of the smell. I can't smell bleach. Odd, I know. I also discovered I can't smell at least one brand of chardonnay. I dont know if those smells will ever come back, but I can live with it if they don't.

I have reconnected with my old friend, Curt. We'd drifted apart for a while, but now we talk every once in a while. It's nice having an old friend back in my life.

Per the images below: The first is my beautiful cat, Maggie. Next is my equally-beautiful dog, Max. And last is me on day 4 of my covid quarantine, when I was still looking terrible lol. And I think I'll end on that note. At least I have a new entry out there lol, and hopefully I'll be back to doing this regularly. I just don't know if it'll be every day again like when I started, but hopefully I'll do it at least weekly. In any case, be good to each other out there and have a fantastic day!


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