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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Good morning, everyone! It is cold cold cold out there! BRRRRR!!!!! I had to hold on to the doorknob going down the back steps this morning when I took Max out for his walk. He slipped on the steps himself, but then he's old, so he slips on them even when they're not icy. It's just too cold for words! I know, people up north are like, "You call that cold?" But 19 degrees for south Mississippi is cold!

Anyway, I decided this morning was the perfect time to make a pot of chili! I used some ground brisket that I'd bought when the meat market next door to the liquor store had a half price sale. Haven't tried it yet, but it's getting late, I still have to go to the bank before work and with these icy conditions I need to leave much earlier than usual to make sure I drive safely, so lunch is on the agenda very shortly here!

To try and warm myself up, I've been looking at pics of two of my favorite British divers, Daniel Goodfellow and Jack Laugher, plus a couple of their friends/teammates, including Tom Daly, Anthony Harding, and Matty Lee. Hot divers and chili, what better combination on a cold cold cold day? Makes a great play on words about diving into that chili too! Haha, ok, ok, I'll stop being so corny! This is going to be a quicky just because I wanted to get something out and this cold day seemed like the best time to do it!

The first 7 pictures below are of the frost/ice, starting with the back steps and their iciness (you can see where Max had gone down them twice before I had to go out with him so he'd poop), starting with a view from the door and then a view from outside. Then comes my frozen van. After those pics is the pot of chili I made. It's a huge pot! And then an obligatory selfie of myself sitting at the computer putting this entry together lol.

Next come images of the British divers! Ooo la la! Both Daniel Goodfellow and Jack Laugher are my favorites. They also both have OnlyFans pages, although neither shows any goods. It's been a while since I've been on Dan's page, so I don't know how explicit he may have gotten, but Jack has VPL on his page! You can find Dan's page here and Jack's page here. Check out their pics below, some by themselves, some together, and some with their teammates. Enjoy!

Ok, and with that, it's time to wrap this up so I can be sure to get ready on time. Have a great day, be safe and warm, and I love you all!


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