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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Good day and happy 2024 to everyone! Sorry I haven't had a chance to write up a blog entry for this year before now, but there's been a lot going on! On Monday, the 1st, I was lifting some boxes at work when I felt a sharp pain along my spine in my lower back. I tried to ignore it, but it got worse as the day wore on, easing up when I took Ibuprofen. On Tuesday, it was so bad that I was popping handfuls of Ibuprofen every few hours. Wednesday morning, I had a doctor's appointment with my new doctor for med refills and a general wellness visit, so I mentioned my back to him since it was really starting to hurt by that point. He asked me several pointed questions about it, checked out the area, and told me he was pretty sure it was a muscle that had torn away from my spine. He prescribed Meloxicam for the pain, told me to try and be careful in overdoing it, and also, I'm sure out of an uber amount of caution since he is well aware of where I work and is a regular customer, suggested that I may have injured it over the weekend but it just suddenly made itself known while I was at work. I'm sure he knew as well as I did that it happened at work, but he needn't worry, I have no intention of trying to get on workman's comp or any such thing for it. Fortunately, this problem should heal itself. Wednesday I tried being super cautious at work, but about an hour before close that night, I hurt my back so badly that I could barely move the rest of the shift. Thursday and Friday, I made sure to be even more careful so I wouldn't hurt it more. Over the weekend, without a lot of lifting or bending, it seems to be getting better, so I hope that trend continues. I also slept with a heating pad under my lower back Friday night and last night, and that seems to have helped a good bit as well, even if it was a bit uncomfortable at the time. Unfortunately, sometime while my back pain was at its worst, I also developed a problem with my right leg, specifically my shin. It feels swollen and tight, even though it doesn't really look swollen, the skin is red, and it hurts to walk on it or even touch it. The back pain eclipsed what was going on with my shin, so I'm not even certain if it started hurting on Monday or Tuesday. All I know is that it got progressively worse, to the point that on Friday it started overshadowing the back pain. I did a quick search on WebMD, and it appears that it may possibly be shin splints, so hopefully it'll clear itself up quickly as well.

Speaking of this weekend, Steve and Ian came down Friday night. My work shift has moved to an hour earlier now, so not only do I go in an hour earlier, but I also get off an hour earlier (ie, we started closing the store an hour earlier this year). So instead of meeting them at DQ, I would have been home when they arrived, but there were some things going on at the store that made me late getting home. I asked them just to get me some tater tots from Sonic when they went instead of my usual footlong chili cheese dog. I honestly wasn't that hungry, but I think a good bit of that was being called fat at work, so I was feeling very fat that evening, fat, worthless, and just didn't want to be seen by them as a big ol' fat whale sitting around on my heating pad while gobbling down a footlong hotdog. But the tots were all I needed.

Saturday we had a fantastic day together, and spent the evening playing a "couples' game which we adapted for a throuple. I love my guys, and I'm so lucky to have two guys that love me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to next weekend with them, although I have to work an 8 hour shift next Saturday, but at least I'll be with them before and after! And then there's Sunday morning.

Ok, so on to the pics below. The first 3 are some selfies of myself in my backyard on Monday the 1st before I hurt my back. Haha, better times that day! Then I have 2 pics of an interesting monkey table at work that supports some Mozart chocolate liqueurs. Then a selfie of Ian and myself at McDonald's Saturday morning when we were having breakfast, followed by a silly pic I sent to our friend Shane of Ian and Steve horsing around on the sofa. Then a pic of Steve and myself kissing. The next several pictures are at Lowe's while Ian was photographing his new doll, Venus McFlytrap. Then we have a couple group selfies by my front door, then some pics and a couple selfies when the three of us were playing the throuples' game, Let's Get Deeper: Questions for Couples Throuples.

Next are some images I took of Ian's dolls. The blond is Cloe, sitting on the royal red throw, and then there's one of her with Venus photobombing her. Then the rest are ones of Venus at Lowe's. I also took some pics of plants at Lowe's, and then Venus got in on the last plant pic. Then we have Venus and Cloe sitting on my dashboard outside of Krystal's, where we had lunch. Steve is seen putting on his jacket just outside of the van. The picture after that is of a couple of dolls sitting in a milk glass ashtray down at the flea market. The last 3 images are of some hot guys (you know I have to put some of them in here!), including a very seldom seen, but very much appreciated, image of Brock Grady snuggled up to another guy. Brock doesn't really share his sexuality, but my guess is either gay or bi. If he is straight, he is extremely gay-friendly and has several friends that are also Friends of Dorothy.

Anyway, I hope the new year has started out gently for everyone and treated you with respect so far! Although my year started off literally on the very first day with back problems, and somewhere on the first or second leg problems, doesn't mean I don't have high hopes for the rest of the year! My guys and I are going to make this year fucking sing! Have a great rest of the weekend!


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