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Monday, February 28, 2022

Happy Monday to y'all! Hope everyone is doing well! It's been quite the week and weekend, let me tell ya! Actually, I'll just tell ya about the weekend, it's less boring lol.

The hubster and I went to the Wine and Whiskey Festival here in town Saturday night. We went with my friend and coworker, Brian, and his boyfriend, Nathan. There were so many wines and spirits to sample there that night! I probably drank more, and faster, than I should have, but we all had a great time. Steve (the hubs) and I definitely prefer the sweeter wines when we partake of them. We also sampled several whiskeys, scotches, and gins. I wanted to sample the tequilas, but I don't really care for tequila ever since an incident in college lol.

Anyway, this is a quick update, just wanted to get something out here. I will definitely write more later this week. Ciao!


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