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February 15, 2024

Happy day after Valentine's Day! What a week this has been so far! Yesterday was not only Valentine's Day, but also my great-niece's birthday! And then today is her husband's! They'll never see this (hopefully lol), but I do with them both the best! I had to work yesterday, of course, but that's nothing new or unusual lol. And I did get to see my "little crush" when he came in. I call him California because that's where he's from. I do know his name, but I'm not going to mention that here either. He has some seriously flirtatious, vibrant blue eyes. I'm normally all about brown eyes, but whew! My goodness! He could melt the tie around my neck with those smoldering looks of his! But anyway, yesterday was Valentine's Day, and Steve, Ian, and I all exchanged some hearts and love in text and Snapchat. They are definitely my world, California be damned! Although Ian did give me permission today if I find that California is interested! 😉

Anyway, mentally wise, this week has been especially difficult. I'm not really sure why, but I've felt the loss of Max so intensely this week. There's like a dark cloud hovering around my head and I don't really know how to dissipate it, but I'm hanging on here. I really don't like talking about this stuff on the blog, as I prefer to stay as positive on it as I can, but sometimes it's therapeutic just to let it out.

So, let's move on to the images below. The first image is a silly one that I sent to Ian over Snapchat before I shaved off my beard, so that had to be on Monday. The next image is one that Ian sent me, he had bought me a Barbie Hot Wheels car that I don't have as a Valentine's gift. I'd assumed Steve would bring it with him tomorrow night, since he saw Ian yesterday, but Ian just told me he's bringing it himself next weekend because he wants to see my face when he gives it to me. He's so precious to me! The next 5 images are from a little photoshoot I did with my Hot Wheels on the Matchbox car playsets I have set up for display. I'm especially proud of the last image of the Mustang and how it turned out. It looks so real!

After the Mustang is a really hot pic I found on either Instagram or X (formerly known as Twitter). Just sorta sizzles the screen, doesn't it? And then there are four images of a model I follow. His name is Misha (aka Mikael) Koechlin. He also has an OnlyFans, but anything beyond underwear is a PPV (Pay Per View) over and above what he charges for subscribing to his page. I don't know if people actually pay for those images and videos, but I know I won't. One video is 15 seconds long and he's charging $28 for it. That's almost $2.00 a second. Fuck that shit!

Ok, so I didn't have much to say today, just wanted to get out another blog entry. Have a fantastic rest of your week and I'll talk next time! Love you all!


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