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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hello all! I trust everyone is having a great Valentine's weekend! Mine has been pretty fantastic so far. I got a shoutout on a Facebook live by some great people for my work at the upscale liquor store where I work, although it was obviously tongue-in-cheek since Tyler refered to me as "dashing, handsome, and young" lol. And then he called me sweet?! Girl, please! LOL

Anyway, Steve (the hubby) came down Friday night, so when I got off work I met him at the house, where he had set up a surprise bouquet of flowers and an "I Love You" balloon. I had already set him up a surprise with 2 orchids and 2 Valentine's cards. One is a traditional card, which I picked out first, the second is a male-male card that I picked out to support Target's inclusiveness. Yay!

Saturday, we went to Mobile to the flea market on Schillinger, and I saw some beautiful rabbits and cavies there! The quail may not have worked out, but maybe raising other animals would! Also a beautiful peacock pair was there, possibly fully grown, $350 for the pair so naturally I didn't get them lol. Lots of chickens were there, including some beautiful and huge roosters! But I've no place to put more chickens for the time being, so, that's a no-go for now. Speaking of chickens, I'd love to get some chicks this spring and start raising Polish chickens. They're so adorable with their crown of feathers! They would lay white eggs, which I normally shy away from, but being farm fresh, I'm sure they'd be fine. Also would love to get some French Copper Black Marans for their extra dark brown eggs. And Lavendar Orpingtons, just because they're so beautiful. As the hubby would say, I sure don't want much lol.

Saturday night, we had our Valentine's meal at a local fish house. The fish was good, but Steve said it wasn't spiced well enough. Man did we get full on that! Afterwards, we came home and had some "alone time", although our fullness made that a little difficult lol. But it was all good, and we were well-satisfied after a couple hours.

Today, we ate lunch with Brian and Nathan, local friends, who provided us with lunch at their beautiful apartment. Brian cooked enchiladas and refried beans, both of which were excellent, and we had champagne before and margaritas during lunch. Good times with good people made for a fantastic way for Steve's and my weekend to come to a close. He had to get back to get the restaurant cleaned and ready for tomorrow, as well as to get the stuff I got him from Sam's put away in the restaurant storeroom and freezer. The new episode of my podcast will be coming out tonight; it will be a Valentine's episode and I'll also discuss some before and after anecdotes concerning my cpap usage, and maybe a couple other surprise subjects.

Pictures: The first two are from the flea market. I didn't get any pictures of all the animals there, unfortunately. Next on that row is a very well maintained horse ride at Antiques at the Loop antique shop in Mobile, as are the rest of the pictures leading up to the large bellflower compote I got at the flea market. The hubs bought it for me as part of my Valentine's. It's from the 1850's and is made from flint glass, so it has a beautiful, melodious ring when you flick the edges. Next are the flowers and balloon he gave me, and then the cards (with the sappy personal stuff photoshopped out) I gave him along with one of the orchids I gave him. The other he took back with him and I didn't get a picture of it.

Anyway, have a fantastic rest of the weekend and a glorious Valentine's Day!


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