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February 12, 2024

Hey hey hey! I hope all is well with everyone today! Just getting out the second post of February, 2024! My goodness, such a year it has been so far! This weekend was pretty fantastic, right up until Sunday evening. Spent the weekend with the boys, had a lovely time with them. Sunday evening just went dark for me, nothing to get into or anything, just a dark place. Today seems definitely brighter. And that's the important thing!

Friday night, we did our Valentine's gifting. I got Ian an Elvira doll, Steve a BlueTooth speaker for his phone, and they got me a Hot Wheels tshirt (which I can be seen wearing in the pics below). I think they liked their gifts, and I know I loved mine!

Saturday morning we went to The Lucky Rabbit downtown. We had a great time, tried some "old timey" sodas, and just had a blast looking at everything. A little over half of the pictures below are from The Lucky Rabbit, the first 36 pics. There was a lot to see and do in there! They had some Hot Wheels, but nothing I couldn't live without. Some glassware too, but again, nothing Steve nor I really wanted. Then we went home, where we had sandwiches for lunch, and some pics were taken there as well.

Sunday, we had breakfast at McDonald's, which is where the two pics of Steve in Ian's hat (and with the accidental hickey Ian put on Steve's cheek) as well as the two pics of Ian framed in the window, were taken. Next we went to Big Lots, where several pictures were taken, and then we went to Target before Steve and Ian left in the early afternoon.

The last 6 pictures include one of me lying on the sofa (where I sleep), burning up because it was hot, while Maggie happily laid on top of me. Then there are 2 pics of guys from the Internet that I just happened to like (a lot lol). And of the final three pics, the first 2 are of 2 Hot Wheels I got at Target. One of the pics shows 2 blister packs, the first of which has the correct vehicle in it, the second of which has the wrong vehicle in it (what's known as an "error" car). The second of those 2 pictures shows the bottom of the error car, which instead of being a Land Rover Series II is actually a GMC Hummer EV. Probably will be worth at least a little bit one day. And then the last pic was actually taken Saturday at Home Depot, a joke pic showing something that Steve would never need lol.

Anyway, that was the weekend in a nutshell. I'll be heading to work shortly here, completely dissapating the weekend vibes, although I think those vibes pretty much disappeared yesterday evening when then dark cloud descended on top of my head. In any case, I hope you enjoyed this little (very little lol) entry and the associated images! Have a great Monday, all!


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